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this is not for anyone that enjoys understandable sentences, coherent paragraphs, or the proper use of tenses. i'm sure plenty of you are use to crappy writing,and to an extent so am I, I read fan-fic on this site after all, but I began getting a headache trying to work through this on just the first chapter. so i'm going to pass.




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It’s understandable. Unless you pass chapter six, which the point I take a small time to edit chapters ( 1-6 chapters, are the times I write only for a hobby...I don’t bother editing it.) However, if you only read one or two chapters and giving 2 stars that make no sense. If you say my grammar is bad and I don't update usually too; instead of 2 stars you can give half a star for both of them. Also, you haven’t gone past that chapter yet and you blindly reviewing Character Development, World Building, and Story Development make no sense for me. Anyway, thanks for reading.