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Just search: Super Divine Summoning System for the re-edited fanfic The starting point is basically the common trope, mc died from truck-Kun and was bestowed three wishes from the God of Universe. Pretty cliche, right? But as a webnovel fan, he always wanted to be the main protagonist, now he is. What could be his wishes? A Supreme Divine Summoning System How will he use it? To conquer lands and become the emperor before going to another land to conquer more lands. Where did he reincarnate too? He replaced Chu Feng's soul who was about to be born from the world. Basically, the starting point where Chu Feng has been brought to the world. For more info, find it out from this fanfiction. ---- Disclaimer! I don’t own anything regarding MGA and this is merely a fan-fiction, all credits solely belong to the rightful owner. I also don't own any rights for a photo cover. It solely belongs to the rightful owner. I only use it since it's Chu Feng from this MGA Fanfiction.


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