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The author of this story is listed as Lonely Ant over on mtlnovel.com/science-library/ where I read most of the chapters. I'm glad to see this reloaded over on this site... hopefully officially, and with better translation. The character is believable and progresses logically with changes that seem believable even if one doesn't agree with them. The world has mostly realistic reactions (except for the usual "Righteous Chinese, Evil Americans" bias and somewhat ridiculous portrayals related to that - to be fair most countries people do this sort of thing). Despite that caveat, the story is enjoyable, and actually has some unexpected twists - especially the plot twist in the 700 range of chapters! I've read through chapter 1046, and am still enjoying the story. While I did not agree with or like every element the author chose to introduce, overall, this is an enjoyable read with some exciting and interesting choices! I feel I can recommend this story.


Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)


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this not a translation but original. just the concept is same.