Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)
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Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)


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What is Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)

Galactic Technological Library (Reupload) is a popular web novel written by the author sakakoi, covering SCI-FI, MODERN DAY, MODERN, TECHNOLOGICAL GAP, LEVEL-SYSTEM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, LIBRARY, ALIENS, WEEK TO STRONG, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 2.1M readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 112 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 119 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What if all the knowledge in the universe could be accessed by anyone, for a price of course, through a single, grand library? What if it's sole purpose was dedicated to collecting and, with the help of Fu Yan, the college student turned Librarian, distributing it to others? No one knows, though a daunting goal in an infinity universe, to be sure. Follow our newest Librarian on a journey through the stars, and even here at home on Earth, through hardships and success alike. Nothing comes easy, or free, so be prepared to pay up front, with a planet or two. Synopsis by Alterious (Synopsis event winner) join discord server:https://discord.gg/NxmfjFz

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Although there is only 65 chapters so far the book manages to hook you in almost immediately. Just imagine the concept of being a Godlike being that is the centre for knowledge exchange. You are in charge of who to give books (bootlicking and learning about characters time), that could change a planets life to, and are also in charge of taking the books back if they are not returned on time (basically the fight and face slapping scenes). While all of that is happening there is still the earth part of the story so even if you ain’t a big fan of the whole library concept there is still our mc gaining advanced knowledge and slowly creating a business empire. If you read this far sounds like you like what you reading so might as well read the first few chapters.


Best 65 chap i've read so far. Sooo satisfying. Believe me you will not regret taking a moment to appreciate this novel. The way the story develops bring me an excited feeling almost instantly. And the author deliver it with a job well done. Gonna put all my power up stones here so that the author can have much more chapter at this quality to upload.


Great series. MC is smart AND sensible. The guy knows his limits and never tries going for more than what he can handle. Also this story seems more realistic as the it isn't based in some sci-fi world where all this stuff is the norm (like all those series with VR pod based gaming) but instead establishes the fact that the stuff that MC makes is in fact highly advanced without glorifying any specific country for being the best in the world or something(like how most Chinese novels glorify China). Also ,on that note, one funny coincidence is that even though the author has said that he didn't think too much before naming the MC's country, Country "C", he ended up making everything there basically exactly like China, from the government style, people's attitudes (as normally displayed in Chinese series) to their names and pretty much everything else. According to the author, he seriously didn't have any specific intentions in naming the country "Country C". But ironically, all of it ended up looking like he did. So, the story is good and it also doesn't neglect any part of the original story (It focuses almost equally well on both earth and library business and keeps it's focus on the current situation instead of like talking too much about earth while in the library arcs or vice versa.)


Thanks for reading my novel. This a sci-fi themed novel and I will try my best to make it interesting for you guys. Don't look at the view and review counts as I had to move this novel because of the bug that was causing me a problem. You can still search Galactic Technological Library and see that this novel has more than 750k views and 90+ reviews without being contracted. Its a really interesting novel so give it a try.


Its not bad, but I cant feel any complex emotions from any of the characters, and a few things really stand out that the author doesn't really understand, and tries to be as vague as possible, lest he end up with stuff like brain speed being equatible to comprehension. Its not the worst novel in the world, and frankly the idea of someone gaining access to a near unlimited store of advanced knowledge drip fed is quite interesting, but unfortunately for me at least the author is going to need more expierience writing, defining his own style and understanding what he wants out of his characters before it becomes truly compelling. A solid 3 for me.


This novel is really well written and the background setting and personality and growth of MC is balanced and shows growth. I have had a good experience reading it and would like to recommend some minor changes, I hope in the future the story has some quests given by the library or maybe implementation of living in the library or space rather than earth as the MC is going to meet various races and should not involve earth as its still a basic civilization as per the story background or something similar. Thank you for such a lovely read.


This book is in my Top 5 it has all the components of a great novel keep it up


A great novel that has been ruined by web novel once more, I understand the need to get paid but the cost is obviously extortionate and seriously over priced. Premium is and will always be over priced and never worth a penny


Okay, 3.8 seems harsh but hear me out. The idea is good and the well throughout, however it is lacking in depth and substance. You will find the chapters are short, but do get to the point. The editing quality is okay, there’s no editor for the first few chapters so ignore that, however after that the editing could be improved. I mention depth, and while chapter length is “depth,” and while that is needed, I mean plot and development depth. There’s SO much you can do with this story, and I mean a TON, but only if gets the dedication it needs. Put some research time into the story and get ideas from people that adore science fiction as much as I do, and you’ll finding empire building to be easy! Despite these drawbacks, I do suggest reading this novel. There’s only 60 some odd chapters when i’m writing this review, but they are enjoyable. Lovers of science fiction and systems will like this, and I can see empire building and exploration coming into play later on in the story as the MC invents and learns more tech. With that said, and assuming we can get stable updating, some more editing, and longer chapters? I see absolutely no reason this couldn’t be a fantastic novel!


The author of this story is listed as Lonely Ant over on mtlnovel.com/science-library/ where I read most of the chapters. I'm glad to see this reloaded over on this site... hopefully officially, and with better translation. The character is believable and progresses logically with changes that seem believable even if one doesn't agree with them. The world has mostly realistic reactions (except for the usual "Righteous Chinese, Evil Americans" bias and somewhat ridiculous portrayals related to that - to be fair most countries people do this sort of thing). Despite that caveat, the story is enjoyable, and actually has some unexpected twists - especially the plot twist in the 700 range of chapters! I've read through chapter 1046, and am still enjoying the story. While I did not agree with or like every element the author chose to introduce, overall, this is an enjoyable read with some exciting and interesting choices! I feel I can recommend this story.


This is a really good book I love it so much. I spend all of my fast passes on this book.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏻☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Good overall novel, some minor typos here and there but not enough to distract you from the content. The MC is methodical and as the story progresses he’s maturing and changing. The writing is also improving as the story progresses which is a pleasant bonus. Keep up the good work mate.


Nice story with stable updates. One of the few novels that i think that have maintained their Quality with stable release. Keep up the good work.


This is fucking great. Just like novel Hacker, the protagonist is Shi Lei and other one is Coder Lee YongHo. I really hoping there are lot like these 3 novels in the future.


Flawed like most other sci fi novels. The author tries their best to make something sound intelligent and ends up with something like "your brain is now 20~30 times faster than it was before" 8/10 average novel, would recommend


This novel is really well written and the background setting and personality and growth of MC is balanced and shows growth. I have had a good experience reading it and would like to recommend some minor changes, I hope in the future the story has some quests given by the library or maybe implementation of living in the library or space rather than earth as the MC is going to meet various races and should not involve earth as its still a basic civilization as per the story background or something similar.


Amazing book strangely reminds me of the library from The Magicians and that really increases it's charm glad to see not much China supremacy and anti global integration views so far


Wow i like this one very much . It has the unique and originality element in it that is refreshing to read. The Mc is also intelligent and can control himself and not like silly type because i hate that type MC most. And i only like to give a suggestion that you should explain the main places where main event is happening a little ,like explain about the library and when mc goes to other worlds there's scenery. And lengthen chapters a little and thats all i would like to say and hope you understand what i said . Thank you


I really like how the story is progressing so far... It exceeds far from my expectations.... When I read the first chapter it got me really hungry for more.. Keep it up!


Awesome. The writing quality is superb, development and background are stable and of high quality... 5 star rating +


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