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Great series. MC is smart AND sensible. The guy knows his limits and never tries going for more than what he can handle. Also this story seems more realistic as the it isn't based in some sci-fi world where all this stuff is the norm (like all those series with VR pod based gaming) but instead establishes the fact that the stuff that MC makes is in fact highly advanced without glorifying any specific country for being the best in the world or something(like how most Chinese novels glorify China). Also ,on that note, one funny coincidence is that even though the author has said that he didn't think too much before naming the MC's country, Country "C", he ended up making everything there basically exactly like China, from the government style, people's attitudes (as normally displayed in Chinese series) to their names and pretty much everything else. According to the author, he seriously didn't have any specific intentions in naming the country "Country C". But ironically, all of it ended up looking like he did. So, the story is good and it also doesn't neglect any part of the original story (It focuses almost equally well on both earth and library business and keeps it's focus on the current situation instead of like talking too much about earth while in the library arcs or vice versa.)


Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)


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Yeah, this was indeed a great novel. Also, if you're interested Isekai and have time, please check out my new fantasy novel, "New World Archeria" (Not forcing you.) Click on my profile picture and start reading it today. Love you, (even't if you didn't) ❤


Thanks for the review, may I know if there is some romance at all? 👍


Nothing actually "romantic" till now. Except maybe for a little crush that MC had on a girl for a while (ended pretty quickly) and a video recording scene of a guy raping a girl (his entire family was destroyed by the MC due to his crime).

Eunus:Thanks for the review, may I know if there is some romance at all? 👍