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Okay, 3.8 seems harsh but hear me out. The idea is good and the well throughout, however it is lacking in depth and substance. You will find the chapters are short, but do get to the point. The editing quality is okay, there’s no editor for the first few chapters so ignore that, however after that the editing could be improved. I mention depth, and while chapter length is “depth,” and while that is needed, I mean plot and development depth. There’s SO much you can do with this story, and I mean a TON, but only if gets the dedication it needs. Put some research time into the story and get ideas from people that adore science fiction as much as I do, and you’ll finding empire building to be easy! Despite these drawbacks, I do suggest reading this novel. There’s only 60 some odd chapters when i’m writing this review, but they are enjoyable. Lovers of science fiction and systems will like this, and I can see empire building and exploration coming into play later on in the story as the MC invents and learns more tech. With that said, and assuming we can get stable updating, some more editing, and longer chapters? I see absolutely no reason this couldn’t be a fantastic novel!


Galactic Technological Library (Reupload)


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thanks for your kind words. I am a new author and this novel will become a master piece with the help of all my reader so i am counting on you guys. You can join the discord to help more


Sure thing! Can’t wait to see how the story progresses!