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Love this story and lucifers character. He kills all the villains that I get frustrated about how they never seem to die soon enough in the comics and he’s a total boss and has a great harem so far with Jessica, Dagger, and maybe death in a few years Can’t wait to see who else he adds in the future. Hopefully he doesn’t go around stealing other heroes girls though unless the guy is a douche like cyclops he’s way to possessive of Jean grey. I like the theme though of flawed female heroes in his harem though with bad past as he gives them a better future some ideas for others could be mystique, black widow, black cat, enchantress, Hela, Scarlett witch, etc. I can’t wait for him to go around fucking up all those racist mutant organizations like weapon plus and striker if you go that route just thought I’d through some ideas out there since I don’t have a discord account to vote in the polls. But so far I love the direction the story is going in. This story has some of the best writing style and grammar I’ve seen so far on this website. Thank you


Morningstar of Sin


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