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Overall, I don't have much to say so I will explain each part of my rating to you. Writing Quality- 4 stars The writer has a clear grasp of the English Language and knows what he is writing, unlike me. The only thing that stops it from getting 5 stars is some minor errors in sentence structure. Stability of Updates -4 stars The author does what he promised and gives the readers(us) chapters every couple of days. The speed is comparable to novels that update everyday; this is because the daily update novels have 1000 words per chapter only. Story Development- 5 stars The story progresses at a stable rate with the right pace. There are almost no part of the novel that seems to have too much filler or too much story. It is just right, it keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more. I do not know the plot but seeing the story so far, it is clear that the writer knows what they are doing. Character Design- 5 stars Each main and sub characters have unique designs. Every character is shown to have their own traits, personality, emotions, etc. World Background- 5 stars One of the best novels with regards to world background, the amount of effort spent on the part is clearly shown. Not only is the setting unique, it is also well thought out and projected very nicely. The only thing that may put of some of you, is the prologue is long. One of the things I like about the story is that is NOT harem, a personal preference.


The Strongest Clan


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