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The Strongest Clan


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What is The Strongest Clan

The Strongest Clan is a popular web novel written by the author Lazareth, covering ROMANCE, ACADEMY, GAMEELEMENTS, ROYALTY, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, POWERCOUPLE, KINGDOMBUILD, FEMALEPROTAGONIST, HIDDENGEM, SCIFI, FUTURISTICSETTING, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 254.5K readers with an average rating of 4.34/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Imagine waking up from a coma and then looking at a rich CEO from a different country. Next to him is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. Just when you think things couldn't be stranger, he says. " Here is my daughter. Marry her please!" "What!?" -------------------------------------------------- "I will become the Lightning King."- Kai Adler (Male protagonist.) "I will reach for the stars and become the Lightning Queen." - Lexi Montreal (Female protagonist) "Using our unique power we will forge a new path!" ------------------------------------------------- In this world, people have elemental powers to fight the monsters that invade. There is fire, water, earth, wind and lightning. You can only control one element. Once you awaken your element you join that clan. The different elemental clans compete with each other for the title of the strongest clan. The mc is a lightning wielder who gains his powers in a way unorthodox way which in turn makes him stronger. Watch the mc take the lightning clan from dead last to number one. * Chapter are 2800 to 4700 words each. So don't be put off by the number of chapters. I average at about 3.57K words a chapter. I upload once every four days. Support me if you want a faster release rate and chapters of higher quality. https://www.patreon.com/lazareth *cover art not mine all rights belong to the owner.

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The author here, I thought it's about time I posted a review. When I was designing this story I thought, 'What would boys and girls enjoy reading alike.' and this brought me the novel The Strongest Clan This novel is inspired by K-project, One punch man and Kaze no stigma. Bringing together all the elements (no pun intended). There is no harem in this, I'm not a fan of harem. My apologies to the harem lovers. This story has scenes of action/slice of life/fantasy/sci-fi and romance and later even kingdom building. As karragin has said below. The story doesn't begin with the synopsis instead starts with some world building and character development. The setting is not on Earth so I had to explain certain elements to give you a feel of the world. There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes I miss even though I do check before I upload, Nonetheless, the story isn't wreathed with mistakes. And you should find it an enjoyable read. Hope to see you in the comment section. *Like this so it's the first thing others see.


Overall, I don't have much to say so I will explain each part of my rating to you. Writing Quality- 4 stars The writer has a clear grasp of the English Language and knows what he is writing, unlike me. The only thing that stops it from getting 5 stars is some minor errors in sentence structure. Stability of Updates -4 stars The author does what he promised and gives the readers(us) chapters every couple of days. The speed is comparable to novels that update everyday; this is because the daily update novels have 1000 words per chapter only. Story Development- 5 stars The story progresses at a stable rate with the right pace. There are almost no part of the novel that seems to have too much filler or too much story. It is just right, it keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more. I do not know the plot but seeing the story so far, it is clear that the writer knows what they are doing. Character Design- 5 stars Each main and sub characters have unique designs. Every character is shown to have their own traits, personality, emotions, etc. World Background- 5 stars One of the best novels with regards to world background, the amount of effort spent on the part is clearly shown. Not only is the setting unique, it is also well thought out and projected very nicely. The only thing that may put of some of you, is the prologue is long. One of the things I like about the story is that is NOT harem, a personal preference.


This novel got potential I'll rate it max to get publicity and exposure of this novel Let's see if author has what it takes to keep writing novel and get the better and better.


Te deseo suerte con la novela! .


I miss this book author-sama. I hope you are doing well. Really excited for the updates after your break. I've re-read your hiatus note. I personally didn't feel the forced writing you thought. But we all wish the best for the book. I hope you will find your rhythm soon. Looking forward hearing from you.


Synopsis seems completely different from what the actual story is about, from as far as I've read at least. Switching point of view seemingly out of nowhere without having even set the foundation of what you've said the story is about is absolute trash. Switching it up so fast without getting to anything to do with the "story" just ruined it. I'm sure if I kept reading is enjoy it but having two perspectives thrown at me with no background or explanation as to what in the world it's about ehh kinda sets the expectation of the rest of the novel pretty low, what are these conpanies? No previous explanation prior to it all


Really good story and good character progression and world build so far. i don't know about writing quality because i have an ability to easily skip over grammar problem unless I'm looking for them would give story a 5 but it's still early in so it could go down hill


I really enjoy this book. It gives me a break from the typical eastern fantasy books. The MC is smart and hardworking, and the story is not a harem, finally ( personal reasons why I don't like harem). The humor is pretty good if you can understand dry humor and sarcasm. The supporting cast right now needs a little more work on, but that can change since there has only been 22 chapters so far. So its not a turnoff. The overall story right now seems to be the MC becoming King in some sort of meta human ranking system. The chemistry between him and the female lead is really good. World building is definitely good, basically a world filled with super powered human beings. Overall I really want this story to be in the top ten, so give this book a chance it will keep you hooked.


This story is not as intense with other action or the same genre but it has this unique calm and stable disposition that makes you eager to move forward to what will happen next. The characters have their own distinguished personalities. And personally, I like how perfect the male and female lead to each other. They are clear of what their aim is and how special their abilities to synchronized with each other. Their world is awesome by the way. Really nice fantasy there. Seriously looking forward for the next update. P.s. thank you author for bringing this story alive. Hoping for the best.


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i’ve read many books both popular top rating ones like EPIC and release that witch which are both masterful works of art as well as some small or not so large ones like cultivation chat group and many that even just started. As such minus some spelling mistakes this novel has a lot of potential from what i see and is acutely quite thought out and if he takes his time this truly could be a quite popular and hidden gem in the see of novels on web novel. The synopsis while good isn’t exactly what happens from the start which is quite confusing at be start but instead gives us work world building and character development and the dual point of view of the main male lead and main female lead is quite interesting.


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