3 Chapter 3 - The journey begins

In a landscape flush with greenery and creatures at every turn, a 6-foot figure could be seen with lush golden hair and light brown shaded skin laying on the floor. His face filled with visible confusion, he needed time to adjust to what has happened to him so far.

After coming back to his senses, Spencer tried to get up and scope out his surroundings. He did not expect that he would be thrown into some random location without any warning.

"Where am I? He could have given me a heads up of where I Was going to end up at least…" he grumbled at the carelessness of his heavenly benefactor.

Leaving it to chance, Spencer set foot in a random direction to see if he could find a more open area so that he could at least make out the surroundings.

However, before he could get anywhere…



The snapping of a twig could be heard followed by a deep growl from behind.

Hearing this, Spencer felt a chill running down on his spine. Slowly turning around to see what had made the noise.

As he looked at the reptilian creature standing on two legs facing him, he immediately regretted his decision. The creature was slightly smaller than Spencer, but its massive claws made him scared beyond belief.

"Oh shit!" He cursed at his luck.

He spun around, and burst into a sprint, running as fast as his legs could carry him. This action only seemed to provoke the animal as it began to chase after Spencer gnashing its teeth.

As Spencer was running, he noticed that he was getting increasingly faster as he ran, but he had no time to be excited about his speed, he had to survive his first encounter.

He kept running and running until he almost passed out from exhaustion. Spencer finally decided to look behind him to see if he managed to escape the fearsome predator.

Not seeing any trace of it, he decreased his speed and slowed down to a stop.

"Phew! That was close, I thought I would be eaten alive!" He exclaimed, relieved he escaped from certain doom.

After looking around and believing he was safe, Spencer spotted a log. He went to sit down to recollect himself from the life-threatening situation he just went through.

Little did he know that an even bigger predator than before was watching, lurking, trying to find the right time to strike.

As the creature observed Spencer and saw that he finally dropped his defense and sat down, it jumped from the foliage and pounced at him.

"Huh?" Spencer attempted to turn around but it was already too late.

The creature had caught him off guard.


Only the unnerving sound of bones snapping could be heard as the creature proceeded to munch on the mangled body of Spencer, effectively killing him.

As the creature finished his dinner and wandered away, all that was left of Spencer were puddles of blood sinking into the soil, further enriching the lush environment.





After the skies had darkened and some time had passed, drops of scarlet blood could be seen seeping out of the soil. The fluid slowly converged together and began to reform Spencer's body, restoring him and making him progressively stronger than before.

After the reassembly process had finished, Spencer opened his eyes and began breathing, frantically remembering the events that led to his previous demise only a few moments ago.

"Goddamn lizard, just you wait!" He swore right at that spot to take his sweet revenge upon the creature that caused his suffering.

Standing up, Spencer began to inspect his new body.

"Hmm... Maybe I did make the right choice with that wish…" Satisfied with what he saw and felt, he happily exclaimed.

After his body reformed, he felt stronger, much stronger than before.

Clenching his fists, his hands radiated strength he never thought possible for the human body.

"I FEEL AMAZING!" He shouted, unable to contain his happiness inside.

To test himself, Spencer looked around trying to find a small rock. When he finally did, he placed it in his right hand and began to exert some pressure, testing the limits of his newfound might and attempting to see what would happen.


As he was squeezing the rock, it began to visibly crack within his hands.

Seeing this Spencer used all of his strength.


The rock began to break apart completely, shards fell out of Spencer's hand.

He was speechless to what he was seeing, flabbergasted at how strong he became after just one of his deaths.

But, before he could revel in his newfound strength, he sensed something behind him.

This uncomfortable feeling made him rapidly turn around facing the incoming threat. This time there was no fear visible anywhere on his face, his eyes were lit with determination.

From behind a bush, Spencer saw the creature that had chased him when he first arrived. The realization that this was the very same creature made him livid.

"You piece of shit!" he growled in anger.

As he exclaimed the creature bolted from its cover, running at him, flashing its teeth and the claws that could tear apart any normal person. The creature was releasing a massive amount of killing intent towards Spencer while attacking Spencer.

But Spencer did not back down, he planted his feet and ran at the creature with full force, ready to rip the filth in two.

"AAAAAAAAH!!!" Spencer roared, startling the wildlife of the prehistoric jungle.

Both ran at each other at full speed, and when they collided.


An explosion of sound was released on impact, frightening the creatures, causing them to frantically escape from the source.

Spencer tackled the creature and pinned it onto the floor. He began to tear into its flesh with no restraint, showing no remorse, no mercy to the overgrown lizard.

He continued slamming his fist into the creature's head without rest until it slowly began to deform from the force of impact behind each of his blows. The creature tried to retaliate by jamming its claws into Spencer's sides, but this deemed futile as Spencer only sped up.

He kept pounding and pounding and pounding until the creature's head was just an extremely deformed pile of brain matter and shards of its skull splattered all across the soil.

Spencer got up from the carcass of the creature as its body began to liquefy and fuse with his body.

As this happened, Spencer's body began to heat up, and morph, his skin thickened, his teeth sharpened, his nails grew and became claws. His body felt vastly more powerful than it did before.

A boiling primal urge swelled up within him, he took a deep breath, looked up to the sky, clenching his fists and tightening his chest.

When the feeling finally became uncontainable, he closed his eyes.

"RAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" he let out a roar so loud, the air began to violently vibrate in response to his call.

The sounds of animals could be heard in the distance, acknowledging the birth of a new apex predator.


Spencer's stomach grumbled, these chains of events had made him hungry beyond belief.

A new crooked, terrifying smile crept upon his face, as he continued his trek.

"Let's find something to eat."

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