38 From Heaven To Hell

Dean couldn't not focus on her words, the curiosity was killing him. She was also there that night dressed like an angel that had been sent to him. He remembered her white lace dress, her pale skin reflected in the moonlight and her red lips that captivated his attention.

She was also out late at night all alone with no coat or shelter. Who would let her walk around like that? More importantly, had something happened to her that night also? He had to do whatever she wanted this Saturday, as long as he was with her she would be safe, warm and feel loved. Or at least he hoped she would feel that way.

Not wanting to pry too much he asked a general question, "Ever been to The Empire Hotel? I've heard it has a four Michelin star restaurant. Don't you want to try it out?" Dean quirked an eyebrow waiting for her answer.

April looked up at Dean and thought he still wanted to go to The Empire Hotel on Saturday so she had to persuade him otherwise, "If you want nice food and a great atmosphere, I know a place. It's not long open but the chef is very talented. It's called The Ivy."

Dean was sure now that something was up, but not wanting to probe further he smiled and agreed. After all, his angel was always right, "Sure, if you say it is great then it's great. I'll go anywhere you want."

April nodded and continued to eat, although she had dinner at her fathers she couldn't eat properly with the two snakes sitting opposite her. She did though now feel very hungry and was glad of the company.

Deans company was easy and comfortable. There was a relaxed silence between the two as they ate. 

Dean was over the moon, he had a planned date with her this Saturday and he did not even have to think of a reason for it, she had asked him. He had to pull out all the stops to impress her, after all after one date wouldn't there be another and another. He brightly smiled even though he was unaware of it. 

April thought that Dean must be an awful cook if he smiled so much after eating a plain dinner she had made.

Finishing up dinner, as usual, Dean had helped with washing the dishes while April dried them and put them away. 

Dean was content he never thought that washing the dishes would be something he enjoyed doing until now. He knew he would be kicked out soon so he took his time.

April looked at the time and sighed, why was he making washing the dishes look so hard. If it had been just her on her own she could have washed and dried them twice in the time it took him.

After another ten minutes they finished up and April smiled up at Dean, "Well I will see you on Saturday, say seven PM?"

"Sure, but being neighbours and all just wrap the door any time. Or text me where's your phone?" Dean was keen to officially get her number, yes he already had it but she did not have his.

"Em." April unconsciously looked at the table.

Seeing her glance at the table he picked up her phone for her and took out his own, "We are friends and neighbours after all."  Dean smiled hoping he had at least reached this stage.

"Okay if you want to exchange numbers in order to share design ideas for your condo or office that's okay with me." April swapped numbers with Dean.

Dean pretended to input her phone number the only thing he did was to change her name from April to angel on his phone and he smiled as he did. Now she had his number and if needed he hoped that she would freely use it.

"Okay so... Good night." April was kicking him out, it was really late now.

Deans smile wavered and then he resisted the urge to tuck her hair behind her ear and properly wish her goodnight. When could he say good night and good morning every day? That he couldn't wait for.

"Thanks for dinner again, goodnight April and rest well." Dean then turned as she leads him to the door.

April opened the door for him and he stood for a moment before smiling and he was about to ask her a question but she interrupted his thoughts.

"Oh, you can invite Casey on Saturday as I will be asking Michael to join us. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to ask my boss, so ill leave that to you. Good night." April then smiled and closed the door.

Dean felt his world collapse he was brought from heaven to hell by her words. He had to tell Michael and Casey to not join them on Saturday. Knowing those two they would only be two giant lightbulbs. With one more glance at April's door, he went into his condo for the night. 

Meanwhile, April stared at the phone in her hand. In this life, she had already started the wheel of change and altered her fate. She had friends and four people she could call now if she needed them. Not that she would but the feeling was comforting.

She wanted to hope but the inner nagging in her head told her that our expectations of people can hurt you the most. So she tried to be self-reliant as much as she could.

She walked to her bedroom and grabbed her towels and made her way to the bathroom. She stripped and had a quick shower, she dried off and wore a towel as she left the bathroom and went to her closet, where she found a silver silk night dress to wear. She put it on and went to her bed.

She started to flip through her phone, she soon became tired and put down her phone before going to sleep she remembered the poem her mum would say before she went to bed.

I am safe,

I am free,

I am seen,

I am beyond worthy

of a life full of dreams

and my future is full

of abundant possibility.

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