1096 Searching For Him...

"Where is brother Feng," Noah asked An Tian.

An Tian looked at his wristwatch, "He must have arrived in the city by now."

"I hope he will be here early so he will handle the mess," Jake commented. 

An Tian nodded as he felt the same. 

An Tian pulled out his cell phone and dialed Lu Feng's number. The call went through, and An Tian asked, "Did you reach?"

"Heading towards the hotel," came the reply from another side of the line.

"Hurry up."

"What happened?"

"As usual, your brother has created an expected mess," An Tian replied.

"I'll be there shortly." Lu Feng hung up the call.

Lu Feng was busy with his things in the city S, so he could only arrive for the engagement on time.


Mr. Wen sounded angry on the phone so Lu Jinhai asked "What happened ?"

"You should ask your son," Mr. Wen replied, his voice cold.


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