1461 Not Vacation But Honeymoon

The next day Jake finally appeared in Lu Lijun's office for the meeting they had with project partners regarding the new changes being made. Just as An Tian said, Jake didn't show up for the two days and when he appeared, he looked changed. 

"How have you been?" Lu Lijun asked while Noah only looked at him. 

"As usual, fine," Jake answered casually and then walked with Lu Lijun to his office.

Noah was busy preparing for the meeting and didn't get a chance to talk with Jake and somewhere he was thankful that he was busy. He didn't know what and how to talk to him as things felt awkward suddenly. 

"Finally, you are back. I thought because of you I have to postpone my vacation plan," Lu Lijun commented. 

"Vacation? I am glad I didn't ruin it," Jake said as he sat in the chair in front of Lu Lijun. 

"Where have you been?" Lu Lijun asked and just then Noah entered the office who also heard this question. 


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