1098 My Wife...

Lu Lijun parted away just to see something in her eyes for him but got disappointment in return. He knew he was delusional, but he still wished to see something else other than shock and anger. 

"W-What do you think you are doing?" Jiang Yuyan tried to push him and run away, but he held her back. 

Pinning her left hand behind her back and placing his other hand on the back of her neck to hold her steady, he gazed deeply into her eyes. 

'What am I doing? Why?' he asked himself, and there was only one answer- 'My wife. Yes, you are my wife, and you belong to me only,' he thought and answered her, "I am loving my wife."

He didn't even give her a chance to react to what he said and kissed her again with feelings that had been buried in his heart for a long time which he realized finally. 

Though the entire world might not consider them the husband and wife, for him, she was his wife, and no one could stop him from calling her his only.


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