1089 I Know What Kind Of Clothes You Wear.

The rest of the working hours passed by as Jiang Yuyan had nothing to do. She didn't wish to argue with the stubborn guy in her cranky condition, as it would only worsen her condition. 

Feeling bored and weak, she went back to the lounge and fell asleep. 

The medicines Xiao Min gave her made her feel asleep for so long that she didn't wake up even if the moon set in the dark starry sky. 

She woke up in the dimly lit room where she saw Lu Lijun fall asleep on the couch while sitting and resting his head at the backrest. 

She didn't know what to say to him. She checked the time, and it was late—only half an hour left to start the next day.

Getting out of the bed, she carried the quilt to cover him as it was cold in the room. 

Just as she was about to put it on him, Lu Lijun opened his eyes and stared at her. For a moment, he thought it was a dream as his sleepy eyes made the image in front of him blurry to believe it was real.


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