1012 Angel, But Not The one...

The guy tried to get out of Noah's hold, but he couldn't. The guy shouted, "You two, what are you doing?" He called for his friends. 

Hearing it, his friends went to Noah, who looked at them as if he waited for them. Noah looked intimidating that the two guys could see he was not the same easy-going person they saw in the previous night's party and insulted just a while ago. 

Noah smiled mockingly at them, "Shouldn't you help your friend?"

The two got out of the daze and marched towards Noah.


Even before they could reach him, a strong kick landed on one guy's chest as he fell on the second guy behind him. 

The two landed on the floor as one of them coughed loudly because of the kick on his chest. 

"Don't worry, your ribs are fine," Noah commented, looking at the guy and still holding the first guy in place on the bar counter. 


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