Youjo Senki: The Dacian Prince

After dying in an accident and having the famous Isekai, Adam finds himself in the body of the Crown Prince of the Grand Duchy of Dacia in the world of Youjo Senki. Now he's on a mission to strengthen the country, ensuring it can survive against The Empire and win the World War...as well as dealing with a certain extremely powerful and dangerous Loli. I Don't Own Anything.

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Chapter 40: Judgment Day.

3rd pov

The news surrounding the attempt on Ferdinand's life became known around the world, sending shock waves to everyone in Evropa and the Middle East.

The Imperium was demanding the heads of the culprits, the Dacian Imperial Secret Service was working to hunt down every possible Terrorist, with the Dacian Garrisons in the Middle East being called into action as well.

The Leaders of the Puppet States also wasted no time in sending people to hunt down the Rumeli Terrorists, both because they didn't want to anger the Dacian Imperial Family, as they could also become a danger to them.

But I also come to light the feats that Ferdinand did to defend himself, with many witnesses reporting to the Newspapers about it, the Arabian and Dacian Soldiers also spoke of it but tried to inflate as much as possible the Glorious Image of Ferdinand in the public eye.

Currently, in a Luxury Guest room at the Arabian Presidential Palace, Ferdinand was being served grapes by some maids, with several of the Imperial Guard ensuring his safety, both inside and outside the room.

"More grapes by any chance, Your Imperial Highness?" Asked a maid while she was holding grapes in her hands.

"Yes, please, my fair lady." Ferdinand said with a smile on her face, the maid blushed at the cuteness of Ferdinand's face.

The maid nodded as she placed one more head of grape into Ferdinand's mouth, who was happily enjoying the life he was having in Karbasit.

Soon he heard a knock on the door, with the voice of an Imperial Guard from the other side of the door being heard.

"Your Imperial Highness, Lord President Mahmood would like an audience." Said the Imperial Guard on the other side of the door.

"Let it in" Ferdinand ordered as he stopped the maid from delivering more grapes to him.

President Mahmood entered the room, he then bowed to Ferdinand with respect and his head bowed.

"Your Imperial Highness, certain forces of the Arabian Army and the Dacian Imperial Army found one of the Terrorists' bases, several died, but those who survived have already been captured and will receive the Judgment" Said Mahmood as he kept his head down, looking at the ground, he didn't dare to face the gaze of the Dacian Crown Prince.

"Hmm thank you, Mr President, you can also look at my face, you know I don't hold any grudge" Ferdinand replied calmly as he looked at Mahmood, who raised his head and looked at Ferdinand.

"Y-Yes, Your Imperial Highness"

"When will the Judgment take place?" Ferdinand asked with a raised gaze as he looked at Mahmood.

"It will be done in 2, Your Imperial Highness" Mahmood replied with a serious look, he wanted to prepare the whole scenario, this would serve both to send Deserved Justice to the Rumeli Terrorists, as well as to please Ferdinand, to try to stay in his good graces.

"Hmmmm, understood, anything else?" asked Ferdinand as the maid went back to feeding him when she got a "No" from Mahmood, so he dismissed the Arabian President.

Ferdinand now would only have to wait calmly for Judgment Day, he would be in the front row seeing everything, with a serious face, of course, but inside he would be laughing at the fate that would await those who tried to kill him, but anyway, they who imposed this fate on themselves.

Timeskip 2 Days

In a Courtroom large enough to hold over 500 people, Ferdinand could be seen in a seat separated from the rest, with 4 Dacian Imperial Guards protecting him, as he stood with his arms crossed, waiting for the Judgment to begin.

"Order! Order!" Said the Judge while hitting the hammer.

When all was silent, the Judge then called the Terrorists who would be "Tried" by the Court, but this was nothing more than a Facade Court, with the sole purpose of looking good to the world, who would be watching this trial.

"May the first defendant come" Said the Judge with a serious tone, with that, the Court doors were opened and the first defendant arrived.

The first defendant was escorted to the designated location, having 2 Guards hold him back to prevent him from trying to escape, however, he wasn't going to make it anyway, as his handcuffed hands were busy holding his pants, which were extremely baggy compared to his body, causing each step to make the pants almost fall off.

Many of those present at the Court had to contain their laughter, seeing the humiliating situation that the defendant was in, even the Foreign Journalists present almost chuckled.

This was part of Ferdinand's plan, humiliation before the Court for all the defendants first, then their Fate.

"Mr. Shaamil al-Yousef, you are accused of acts involving: Assault on a Foreign Envoy, Being part of a Terrorist Organization, Public Order Disorder, Murder, and Destruction of Property, how do you plead?" asked the Judge as he looked at the defendant, but you could see the look of contempt on his face.

"Innocent" Pronounced the defendant seriously, what he said made the audience either snicker or get angry, causing the Judge to have to bang the gavel for everyone to be silent.

"Well... it was expected of a Psychotic Scum like you to plead not guilty" Said the Judge to himself before focusing again on the defendant.

"The Prosecution may begin" Said the Judge, motioning to the Prosecution Counsel.

"Thank you, Your Honor...Mister al-Yousef, you plead not guilty, right? However, I would like to ask you then, what were you doing in the Terrorist base that was invaded by the Dacian and Arabian Joint Forces?" Asked the Prosecution Counsel to Shaamil.

"I was-" Shaamil tried to say something, but was soon interrupted by the Prosecutor.

"We have evidence showing that you were involved with the attempt on the life of His Imperial Highness, the Dacian Crown Prince Ferdinand Von Rotenbrug" Said the Prosecutor, preventing the defendant from trying to defend himself.

"We also have people who claim to have seen your face during the Attempt, both Dacian Soldiers and Arabian Soldiers and civilians" Continued the Prosecuting Lawyer as a smug smile began to creep onto his face.

The Defense Attorney, who was supposed to try to defend Shaamil, was quiet and sitting in his chair, not even trying to defend the person he was assigned, which of course made Shaamil realize that.

'Why isn't this bastard defending me?!' thought Shaamil angrily.