30 If everyday was like this

Yul brightened at the idea of staying for dinner. Hewas more than ready to. Habitual of the academy schedule, he was used to food being served on a scheduled time every day but when it came to living alone, he had to be self-dependent for such tasks. And since he didn't have any talent in cooking, he would have oats and four boiled eggs for breakfast, the police canteen menu for lunch and a home-delivered tiffin for dinner.

"Yes, please," he almost begged, making Zeng smile. "I'll call the tiffin service and tell them to not send my tiffin tonight."

Zeng nodded before turning to the kitchen and putting on an apron. He had already chopped up some vegetables but chopped some more for Yul's share and made sure that the measurements would be enough to feed three people and there was a fair amount of meat in the diet.

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