67 Chapter 22


I felt lighter as Xavier lead me down a corridor, we just finished having dinner and accepting congratulations. It feels like I'm floating in the sky, I couldn't remember what I was so worried about before everything was perfect. But also grounded with the earth. 

"What's happening to me?" I asked once we were inside a room,

"The food you ate had some pills, you get used to it in a few days," Xavier says too casual 

"No. No. I can't. I need a clear head around here, I need to plan our escape." Did they just put it in my food or every else? But Xavier didn't seem to be affected by it. 

"Vanessa you can't say that out loud and trust me they will always be listening to your conversation. I'll worry about getting you out of this." He grabs both sides of my face, although I couldn't focus on his face I nod. 


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