7 Boys are pigs

The bell rang as the door opened, I could hear voices. Inside the diner was red, the floors were white and black. Like checkers. The booth were red and had a white table, most of them empty. Mary started walking towards the back. Where the voices were coming from.

"Hey guys" she calls as they became visible. There were about 10-12 people and I hadn't met some of them. They took up two big booths.

There was hardly any space I know we would have to squeeze ourselves in. The first booth had Callum, Laura, Brooke and two other guys and girls that I hadn't met at lunch. And the other booth had Xavier, Jenna, Stephanie, Josh and Alan. I notice Olivia wasn't there.

"Took your time," Stephanie said. When she saw us.

"Sorry had to pick up Vanessa" as she said my name they looked up. I felt them staring at me.

"Who's is the hot chick," one of the guys said making the girl next to him hit him.

"I didn't know you were coming," Stephanie said.

"I know, I was getting bored at home," I told her I move to their booth. Ignoring the guys behind me.

She was sitting at the edge so she moved in making room for me and Mary.

I slide in and moved for Mary. She sat next to me. It was a bit tight but not bad. I looked across and saw I was right in front of Josh and Xavier. Well, this was awkward.

Jenna was next to Xavier her head on his shoulder. She was looking at me annoyed. Maybe she didn't want me here.

"I heard you made tryouts," Josh said smiling at me.

"Yes she was amazing, you should have seen her" Stephanie added.

"Thanks but I wasn't that good and Jenna was a good choreographer," I said to them.

"Yes, you were Vanessa," said rolling her eyes at me.

As I was about to reply Xavier spoke. "Can we order now" was more an order than a question. Now I wish I sat at the other table.

"Dude chill," Josh said to him jokingly. But Xavier faces got harder if that was possible. And gave him a menu. As I was about to pick on up he stopped me.

"Remember I owe you a meal," he said smiling.

"You don't have to do that Josh," I said laughing. "I shared willing with you"

"No come on I insist, tell me what you want," he said.

The boy and the other tables looked back and said "guys I think Josh is in love" making the guys laugh except Xavier and the girls rolling their eyes.

I started blushing, peeking at Josh who was rolling his eyes at them. I saw Xavier giving us a hard look. I chose to ignore him. I think he had a stick up his ass.

"Ok fine," I said giving in. I didn't want to argue and I knew he wouldn't give in.

So he gave me a menu and I looked for what to eat. I heard Jenna saying to Xavier she just wants a salad with a green smoothie. Mary turned to whisper in my ear "that's the only thing I have seen her eat, I surprised she can still walk" she said making me smile and I think Stephanie heard cause she laughed too. Yeah, Mary wasn't that good at whispering.

It took me a few minutes to decide what to get, I told Josh to get me a waffle and some wings and a chocolate milkshake. I think he was surprised when I ordered it, he laugh it off.

Most of them got up to order and Jenna went to the bathroom. It was only me and Alan at the table. It was so awkward. I trying to look anywhere but at him. But he looking right at me like he was trying to figure me out.

"Why you?" I heard him say

"Huh," I asked confused why me what.

But he didn't say anything after that.

Just went back to being quiet till they came back. I moved in the booth for them and ended up some next to Josh. I could feel the heat rolling off his body.

Mary was talking to a guy called Ashton. He was on the other booth but she turned her body to face him. The other new guy was called Mark. The one Stephanie has a crush on. But he was too busy looking at some other girls boobs to notice her. Boys are pigs.

"Vanessa do you have any siblings" I heard someone asked. I heard my breathing quicken. They all looking at me like I was crazy.

"Hey what's wrong" I heard Josh say. But all I think about was my brother. His face was now in my head. "I'm sorry I just wanted to make conversation " I looked up to see it was Jenna that asked. But she didn't look sorry.

I took a deep breath. Trying to remember what my therapist told me.It took me a few seconds to calm down. I looked up to see them all looking at me.

"Sorry," I said to them. "Hey, don't apologise," Stephanie says taking my hand in hers.

"My mother and brother die 2 years ago," I told them looking down. I hear a lot of I'm so sorry.

Looking up "it's fine it was a long time ago," I said reassuring them that it was fine. Before they could ask any more questions the waitress came with the foods. I felt Xavier looking at me so I looked at where he sat. And his face wasn't hard. His eyes were a bit soft. I knew the look in his eyes. Pity. I looked away.

The waitress placed my food in front of me.

"Thank you," I told her smiling.

"This looks lovely," I said to josh and he laughed.

"You love your food don't you," he said jokingly.

"Are you kidding, I and food are like a bestie?" I said laughing.

"If you keep eating like that you will get fat and then I will have to kick you off the squad," Jenna said smirking at me and the smile fell off my face.

The whole table stopped talking as she said that.

"What the fuck Jenna" I heard Josh say.

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