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Wrong Timeline


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When a poor soul from 21st century reincarnates to 20th century. His first thought after knowing it was ' yes iam going to be rich ' Only later coming to know that he is reincarnated in to ' Harry Potter Alternate universe ' and his thought was ' well at least I know what's going to happen ' but when he finds out things were not as he expected to be ' what the hell man' Let's enjoy the ride of our MC Author : iam not a English native but I will do my best to write with out grammatical issues. It's my first novel. Chapter update: there will be more than 15-30 chapters a week.with no breaks I wish to complete the novel in 2-3 months. " please do rate the novel" "Hope you enjoy it cheers" Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. All recognizable characters, plot, setting, etc. are the property of J.K.Rowling and/or Warner Bros.


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