4 Doomsday Roulette, Zombie Army

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The zombie cat picked up on the scent of a living creature and immediately surrounded him excitedly.

Wang Chen was as excited as they were.

In his eyes, those cat zombies were a bunch of EXP and Spirit Points!

"Let me send you guys back to Meow Heaven!"

He decided to do something good. He took the steel pipe and rushed toward the zombie cats.

The leopard-sized Maine Coon let out a low growl and pounced at Wang Chen like a phantom.

However, in Wang Chen's eyes, the Maine Coon zombie was still a little slow.


The Maine Coon zombie met the steel pipe head-on, and its head exploded.

The huge force sent its corpse flying and knocked down five or six zombie cats, causing them to scream.

[Killed Level 5 Mutant Maine Coon Zombie, EXP +30! Spirit Points +15!]

[You have leveled up to Level 3!]

[Obtained 3 free Attribute Points and 2 Skill Points!]

[You can allocate free Attribute Points and Skill Points to increase your strength!]

440 EXP was required to upgrade from Level 2 to Level 3.

Wang Chen had 26 EXP, and after killing the Maine Coon zombie, he immediately leveled up to Level 3.

'I ought to continue to increase my strength!'

With a thought, he added the three attribute points he had just obtained to his Strength. His Strength attribute immediately rose to a terrifying 17 points.

Even a Level 5 monster could not withstand his attack, so Wang Chen felt even more confident.

With his 6 points of Agility, the zombie cats could not touch Wang Chen at all.

On the other hand, he could kill two or three cat zombies with a single strike of the steel pipe.

Big Orange, British Shorthair, Ragdoll, American Shorthair, Sphinx...

Soon, Wang Chen ferried the hundreds of cat zombies to Meow Heaven. They no longer had to suffer like walking corpses.

After doing his good deed, Wang Chen received over 100 EXP and leveled up to Level 5. His spiritual points had also broken through the 100-point barrier, reaching 155 points.

He opened the interface.


Name: Wang Chen

[Level: 5]

[EXP: 10]

[Basic Attributes: Strength (17), Stamina (11), Agility (6), Spirit (2), Charm (2), Luck (0.8)]

[Energy: 600]

[Free Attribute Points: 6]

[Skill: Strength Level 20 (Rank 0)]

[Skill Points: 8]

[Equipment: None]

[Spiritual Points: 155]


'I have enough strength for now.'

Wang Chen thought about it and didn't continue to increase his strength.

He felt a little tired after fighting with these zombie cats.

If he encountered hundreds of zombies, he might not be able to withstand them.

The 6 free Attribute Points were allocated to Stamina, and Wang Chen's fatigue quickly dissipated.

At this moment, he realized that his energy value had also increased greatly, reaching 800.

"It seems that the energy value is related to the overall attributes."

Wang Chen guessed.

[Detected that the Descender has more than 150 Spirit Points. You can head to the nearby Doomsday Roulette and use Spirit Points to draw various rewards! The nearest Doomsday Roulette has been marked!]

The System Wizard popped out again.

Then, several kilometers away, a golden light shot into the sky.

"Doomsday Roulette?"

Wang Chen was overjoyed.

He was envious of Zhao Tie and Huang Deren's skills. His efficiency in killing monsters was too low, which seriously affected his leveling speed.

'Since we need to find a place to rest, why don't we use the Doomsday Roulette as our base camp?'

As Wang Chen thought about it, he carefully walked in the direction of the golden light.

To his surprise, the journey was very smooth, and he only encountered a few scattered zombies.

'There must be something strange about this!'

Wang Chen hid in the green belt in front of the square and stared at the mall in front of him.

The golden light had yet to dissipate, and the wheel was still inside.

The entire mall was eerily quiet. Only the sound of the wind blowing was like the wailing of a banshee, making one shudder.

However, the black blood stains on the glass wall told Wang Chen that this place was definitely not as safe as it looked.

He retreated and entered a building.

The ground was covered in dust. Clearly, no one had passed by this place for a long time.

He went to the second floor and entered a room facing the street.

This was an office. Several desks had been overturned on the floor, and blood-stained office supplies were scattered on the ground. Half of a dried arm was hanging from the broken window.

He walked to the window. From there, he could see the shopping mall across the street.

Wang Chen's gaze swept across the room, searching for something useful.

Soon, two crushed cans entered his sight.

He walked over to pick up a can and poured a box of pushpins into it.

With a light shake, the can immediately emitted a series of tinkling sounds.


Wang Chen was very satisfied with his work.

This was the best thing to attract zombies.

He took the can and walked to the broken window. He took a deep breath and threw the can out.

The can flew more than 200 meters away and crashed in front of the mall. It rolled on the ground and made a series of ear-piercing sounds that traveled very far.

Wang Chen immediately squatted down, leaving only half of his head out of the windowsill to observe the mall opposite him.

After a short silence…

Thump! Dong!

A flurry of footsteps suddenly sounded from the direction of the mall, quickly approaching from afar.

A moment later, the black mass of zombies broke through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the mall and rushed into the square.

"What the f*ck!"

Wang Chen gasped.

He roughly estimated that there were thousands of zombies. It was like an army.

If he had entered the mall directly, he would have been torn apart by those zombies!

Many ants could kill an elephant, not to mention that the gap between the two sides was not that big.

The zombies wandered around the can for a while in the plaza in front of the shopping mall. They did not find any prey, so they quieted down and remained still like statues.

Wang Chen looked at those zombies.

'I have to think of a way to lure these guys away.'

He wasn't strong enough to fight against thousands of zombies.

If he wanted to get close to the Doomsday Roulette, he had to lure them away first.

After observing the surrounding situation, Wang Chen quickly had an idea.

He wrapped a can with tape and put it in his pocket.

Then, he jumped out of the window and landed on the ground with a thud.

The loud noise woke up the quiet zombies in the square and they turned to look at Wang Chen.

"Hey! You brainless fools, come after me!" Wang Chen roared and quickly ran into the distance.


The zombies naturally wouldn't indulge him. They roared crazily and chased after Wang Chen without stopping.

As a result, there he was running in front of thousands of zombies chasing after him.

In a tall building nearby, three Descenders squatted by the window and stared at the street below with wide eyes.

"How can this dude run so fast?" a pudgy man whispered.

His name was Duan Lang, but everyone called him Duan Lang.

Qi Yi adjusted his glasses and whispered, "Maybe his skill just happens to be running fast."

"Guys, should we help him?"

At the side, the handsome young man, Chen Feng, was a little hesitant.

"Hey, Feng!" Qi Yi quickly said. "We know you are a kind soul. But there are too many zombies down there."

"Right, right, let's just take care of ourselves!" Duan Lang hurriedly echoed.

"I know!" Chen Feng nodded.

Right now, Wang Chen only seemed to be in danger. In reality, he was not actually threatened. Otherwise, Chen Feng wouldn't just sit back and do nothing.

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