World Terror [Haitus]
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World Terror [Haitus]


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What is World Terror [Haitus]

Read World Terror [Haitus] novel written by the author IGotStones on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering evolution, apocalypse, videogame, system, reincarnation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


World Terror is about a male lead who reincarnates in a parallel world which is facing Apocalypse under the threat of World Terror, the ruler of Terror multiverse. Terror Multiverse is a dark sandy cloud above the Original Multiverse, Terror Multiverse is formed of every Dreams, Imaginations, fears, fantasy's, wishes and regrets ever thought or created in the original multiverse. Terror Walkers, the heros and the last hope of this parallel world's Humankind walk the various Terror World's while gaining strength and continuously evolving themselves in order to save the Human Kind from World Terror and other foreign Invaders. The Male lead having reincarnated into a fantasy world decides to climb the top of the new world's food chain with the help of his powerful and unique soul to ensure his and his loved ones safety. ................... Schedule - 7ch/week. Join my discord - https://discord.gg/MkKyRg


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Great book, I would say infinity genre is the best is genre to describe this book. If you like terror infinty or devil's cage or ultimate evolution then this novel is for you. This book is a good read , you might even get hooked.


A really interesting story. I enjoyed reading so far. The Writing quality is good. There is stability of updates, the story is developing nicely. The character design and the world background is equally good. There are a few typos and some grammar mistakes as well as the Capital letter at the beginning of the sentence which can be remedied by using a grammar checker online. However these do not interfere with the flow of the book. All the best author. The main character is relatable and one can't help but root for her. Lovely characters, I would really like to read their story.View More


After reading a few chapters, I started to love how the writer manage to write every chapter with deep intricate details enough to grab a readers attention. I hope the writer will keep on updating as to grab more readers. More power!


Damn! That was great! I did not expect such a masterpiece after my recent hunt for my bloodlust for books! It’s amazing, I’ll say you can give it a try


Interesting plot, the way you describe every scenario is absolutely amazing. The writing in this book is creative and well thought. Nice work👍👍👍


I liked the book, it has lot of potential and I want to see where it goes. I want more chapters and author keep them coming... This novel is like Devil cage but better. Cause it's new and fresh...


The best thing about the book is worldbuilding. I like the background author created. The world feels alive and is very detailed. Plot is amazing and the story goes more intetesting with each chapter. I haven't finished the story yet but I'll do it for sure. Keep it up


I came here for review swap, but the story was damn great! The concept is thrilling. I really like the world setting, the first chapter beautifully describes the world and the events that took place. It immediately hooked me in. However the grammar and dialogues get really choppy in the second and third chapter. Ignoring that the story seems promising and engaging. I will definitely give it a read. So best of luck with the story and thanks for Reading mine too.


Wow! All of that little references must have take a lot of time and effort to research, I must say I'm impressed since this kind of must have not been easy to write, keep it up, it's a truly interesting story.


I have to commend the author that it was an interesting plot for an apocalyptic story. I was intrigued by the World Terror. Somehow, it reminded of those post apocalyptic animes I've watched before. There werre just few grammatical errors suchs as the capitalization and the usage of period on the first few chapters. But overall, it's a good novel! :)


The story overall feels like it's from the SCP foundation that gives me the chills when reading it. Great read very nicely created and the world-building is there and it's very great to be reading each city having its own thing.


Great work! It's very intriguing, and I like the story's direction. Minor (as in ****y tiny) grammar mistakes don't distract the reader and the flow is very smooth. "T'is my cup of tea" xD


This is an interesting story I must say. The writing quality is good and story development flows smoothly. There are just minor hiccups but I appreciate the author's effort in making a story that's entertaining. I had fun reading it! Thumbs up to you author!


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Why am I seeing no chapters yet there is already 15 reviews? Plus it said it was updated 52 years ago…. This is really strange. FillerfillerfillerfillerFillerfillerfillerfillerFillerfillerfillerfillerFillerfillerfillerfiller


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