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What is World God Empress

World God Empress is a popular web novel written by the author ExaltedEmperor, covering FEMALE PROTAGONIST, MAGIC, ACADEMY, ROMANCE, FANTASY, WARS, HIDDEN GEM, SWORDANDMAGIC, NOBLES, ROYALTY, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.57/5 and 96 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 106 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The Three Realms. It is a place where numerous planes intersect, a place where many clans live and a place where a group of lords assemble. Heroes appear one by one through the course of time and they will all display a legend that others would desire as they pursue the road of being a ruler in this boundless world. In the Underworld that the Demons controls, thousands of fire blazes through the heavens. At the Upper Heaven, the might of the Godking is absolute. Inside the Human Realm, the power of the Five Overlords frightens the heaven and the earth. In the Northern Continent, a place where Magic is at its peak, the Black Snow Empire rules the continent. A girl from the Valentine Clan comes out, flapping her Wings of Flame, as she charges into the brilliant and diverse world. Just who can rule over their destiny of their path on becoming a Sovereign? In the Three Realms, many strive to become the True Sovereign. Soon, the world shall welcome the rise of a Sovereign! "Carrying the destiny of an Empress, will she become a benevolent ruler, or will the world tremble in fear under her feet?" - Author (ExaltedEmperor) “If the world refuses to accept me, then I shall rule the world." - Erza Valentine Note: Just like the MC, the story and my writing skill keep improving as the chapters passed by. Please give it a shot until it is around chapter 50 before deciding whether you like the story or not. I'm sure you won't be disappointed ;) **credit to WLOP for the cover** If you want me to put it down in the future, I'll do it. Cheers ;) Please check out my patreon in the link below: https://www.patreon.com/exaltedemperor Extra chapters and other bonuses are waiting you there to be found out :)

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Well, please excuse me to shamelessly review my own novel. This is my first writing which I used for the #26 writing contest and I truly hope that many people could enjoy it. I promise for 4-5 chapters a week and if I missed it, then I will make up on the following week. The world background will be very rich. Trust me on that. As for the story development, just read on and it will hook you up. I will try to limit the number of important characters even though the world is quite big. I'm trying to avoid any confusion for you readers. Anyway, thank you for reading on my novel and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions or critics, please let me know :)


I usually like Men MC since I'm a man myself, however, that doesn't mean I don't like a bad*ss woman MC. Looking forward to it now how do I make this 140 letters potato chicken buns


Are you sure that you can release stably? I have read some original stories with good updates at beginning but then the author stop writing. I will give the release star as 4 stars, if it is as you promise, then I will give you more. Overall, this is a good novel. I like the idea of the realms war.


I see your post in the forum. It's all good for me. Hope u can keep up with the release though. Also I am waiting the male lead. Please do not make him come out too long. Good luck!


Yeah shameless is the word that schould be used to describe you. I really liked this story, but the moment i noticed, that i magically know some parts even though it should have been an original, was the moment it went south. If you had put it up as a fanfic and only....i mean really only....used some names of other stories or characteristics of them i would not have mind it. But stealing, in such a obvious manner, and exclaim it as your own.....man know some shame. You thought yourself smart huh? If some of you dont know what i mean here are some examples: World God Empress Chapter 94 Senior Envoys During that night in the guise of darkness, a gigantic flying beast suddenly landed on top of the city lord's mansion. Thanks to the bright illuminations around the building, the shape of the flying beast could be roughly determined. It looked like an eagle with pitch black feathers and its wings spanning out to around twenty meters. From its back, two figures suddenly emerged and descended onto the ground below with their clothes billowing in the wind. In the courtyard, Caesar stood by with a group of soldiers standing behind him nervously. Yet there was also an expectant look on each one of their faces. "This one is honoured to greet the envoys!" ... *Dong dong dong dong…* In the early morning of the Mole Clan's courtyards, the large knocking sounds of the door suddenly broke the silence. Chaotic Sword God Chapter 235: Senior Envoys In the pitch dark night, a large flying magical beast suddenly descended upon the city lord’s mansion. Thanks to the bright illuminations by the building, the shape of the flying magical beast could be roughly determined. It looked like an eagle with pitch black feathers and its wings spanning out to around twenty meters. On its back, two figures suddenly dropped down onto ground below with their clothes billowing in the wind. In the courtyard, Yun Li stood by with a group of soldiers standing behind him nervously. Yet there was also an expectant look on each one of their faces. As the flying magical beast descended, Yun Li continued to wait, but the moment it drew close, Yun Li called out to the two figures, “This one is honored to greet the envoys!” …… “Dong dong dong dong…” In the early morning of the Kai clan’s courtyards, the large knocking sounds of the door suddenly broke the early silence. Is it still your own blood sweat and tears if you steal in such a manner. my blood boils. shameless shameless


Writing Quality: Not so hot. Quite a few mistakes but readable. Stability: Good. Story Development: Bad. She's pretty much had ZERO hardships and pretty much begins to surpass everyone. The power gain is just... just stupid. Character Design: Pretty bland because of story progressing really quickly. World background: Lacking but has the potential to get better. Overall, the MC is obviously modeled off of Fairy Tail's Erza which honestly leaves a bad taste. She's young but acts much older and yes, we can attribute some to Samsara but still... there's none of the struggles that one would expect a child to have upon having the info. The characters are not really elaborated on. Needs balance and more thought. It's okay but is definitely lacking. Hopefully author reflects on his work AND reads the work of other good novels to get insights on writing styles, plot progression, and character development.


Reveal spoiler


Wow what could I say? This is an absolutely hidden gem. I can't believe it remained in such a low rank. The writing quality has been improving chapter after chapter, and 1 chapter / day is really fast for original novel. The story is interesting and i hooked me up after a few chapters. As for the character? It is reasonable. The MC is still growing up and acted like someone in her age. Overall, it's 5 out of 5. Keep it up author-sama!


Loved it. This fiction is truly a hidden gem!! I did not expect the novel to be this good. It really should have more exposure than what it currently has.


I love the story so much. The character design were well thought. And they are real persons on their own. They are not there just to fill empty spots. World background is rich and the pace was fine. Daily updates are very good and easy to understand. Overall, a very good novel. Keep up the good work, author


The writing style is clean. Nothing too complicated but there are some minor errors. It is too early to determine the stability of update. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you can try to edit the synopsis a little. And At the moment, the synopsis feels more like an excerpt usually found in the first chapter. Perhaps it is because the story is still at a very early stage, but I find it hard to connect with Ezra.


Writing Quality: Very good. Easy to understand. Grammars and spelling seemed fine. Stability of Updates: Not sure but I will give it a benefit of doubt for now. Story Development: Absolutely love it Character Design: Interesting World Background: Could only say more later but so far so good


Tsalagi you are a human trash.. The autor said that this story is inspired by outher stories. What the **** is wrong with this... all historys are inspired by another history. Thx you just ****ed 230 or more persons who like thid story... Despicable human trash.


The MC is ridiculously OP and behaves very arrogantly and spoiled. She has never gone through any kind of hardships (other than not knowing her birthparents, but she's still brought up with lots of love from her adopted mother), but because she has memory of a certain test/illusion, that she went through as a young child, she views herself as a major victim and kills whoever she wants, even though the people she kills have done her nothing wrong other than maybe, just maybe, become a hindrance or enemy to her in the future. I found it kind of hard to continue reading this novel about a spoiled teenager on a killing spree.


Badass mc, interesting side characters that feel like actual people, great world building and never has any chapters that fell like they are not needed!! What more could you ask for? This is in my top 3 light novels that I have read and I would highly recommend you giving it a try as I believe it is worth your time. 4.9/5


I love this novel, the plot is different from all those cultivation novel with a female mc where is only schemes and retards enemies. I hope it continue like that.


I rate this story 5⭐ in action. Not for gore but for excellently written and highly descriptive fight scenes. It leaves you feeling absolutely satisfied after "watching" the fights yet looking forward for what comes next.


To be concise this novel avoids the most horrendous cliches and some plot holes to give what I think is a more likely story of what would happen if a MC actually has power, they get helped not suppressed. Worth a read just for the refreshing beginning. However encounters could be more fleshed out and conversation less stuttery and cringy


Fire OK but Time seriously, can't you find anything more overpowered than this? If she has a pet wolf I will flip my imaginary table. .............................................


like ur story....... but i dont really like ur battle scene,u really need to descript(picture it) the skill they use not just the skill name!this make ur battle scene boring to read Ex:skill Arrows Shower there is few possibility how the skill itself is used 1.someone fire 1 arrow n the arrow will multiple itself(like kagebunshin) 2.or the ****** one,just fire multiple arrow in the same time looks ****** but very important for me,we r reading not watching!! ofc u dont need to explain everything sometime u need to "show" it Good luck n Thanks~!


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