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novel - Eastern Fantasy

Wordly Obsessions


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Originally from an illustrious clan, Wang Xiao is the star of the Yi clan due to his incredible memory and knowledge of ancient literature. However, even though his scholarly abilities are unmatched, he is unable to cultivate like his fellow clansmen due to his Qi being sealed. While on a mission, he meets a strange and mysterious man named Zhang Yao. The man is a rogue cultivator who refuses to share details about his past. After a series of events, Wang Xiao and Zhang Yao become an unlikely duo in fighting against an evil force which threatens to resurface and destroy all of China. Due to an ancient demonic pack formed between the two, Wang Xiao and Zhang Yao become entrapped in a cruel cycle of reincarnation, always being reborn near one another, yet painfully unaware of each other's existence. Will they manage to break their cycles of misfortunes and finally gain peace? Or will their souls be damned and tormented for all eternity? Can the two doomed cultivators save the whole of a country? Follow their adventures in this new epic saga of good versus evil in an ancient world dominated by strict karmic rules. *** Warning: Violence, blood, death. This is a light BL novel! Nothing explicit, but there will be some undertones scattered throughout.


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