Wizard Of Douluo Continent

Travel through the legend of the Dragon King and become the legend of the wizard. ......... If you like Tang Wulin, Tang San or Huo Yuhao than this novel is not for you. Heroine Gu Yuena ........... It is a translation from a novel by Serious Bard 斗罗世界的巫师 .................. Early access of 25 Chapter Translation:-patreon.com/Astridira

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Soul Perception

Amidst the ancient trees, Gu Yuena treaded through the forest, her vision slightly blurred. Enveloped by the dense foliage and crisp air, it felt as though she had stepped into a realm beyond reality.

Unwavering, she pressed forward, encountering a series of unremarkable soul beasts along her path. Dispatching them with casual ease, they left behind no corpses—only enigmatic lights and shadows.

As she continued her journey, the tranquility of the woods was disrupted by the rustling of leaves ahead. A colossal figure emerged, a bear standing over three meters tall. Cloaked in brown fur with colossal hands and bright yellow eyes, it roared fiercely, charging towards Gu Yuena.

"The Thousand-Year Soul Beast has emerged. Should we alert her to teleport back?" The staff, eyes widened, sought guidance from Wu Changkong.

"Wait and observe," replied Wu Changkong, fixated on the unfolding scene.

The Thousand-Year Crystal Bear possessed a unique ability; its attacks crystallized the struck target, shattering upon subsequent strikes. However, it lacked long-range attacks. Wu Changkong awaited Gu Yuena's response.

In a flash of silver light, Gu Yuena evaded the bear's onslaught, strategically misaligning herself. A burst of blue light surrounded her as she accelerated forward.

Wu Zhangkong nodded approvingly, scrutinizing the positions of others. Surprisingly, Gu Yuena's trajectory led towards Anping.

Meanwhile, Anping meandered through the woods seemingly aimlessly. Though appearances deceived, he employed a soul creature detection spell, deciding his path based on the feedback.

Wu Zhangkong, observing the unfolding drama, marveled at Anping's avoidance of formidable soul beasts. Another detection prompted a peculiar reaction from Anping; humanoid and non-humanoid figures approached.

Before he could act, two swift figures, one small and one large, materialized before him—Gu Yuena and the formidable crystal bear.

In a dazzling cascade of silver light, Gu Yuena materialized before Anping, urgency etched across her features. "Help me, quickly."

Anping, wearing an air of bewilderment, remarked, "So, this is what you marked me for?"

A blush colored Gu Yuena's cheeks at Anping's words, and she hastily responded, "It's coming, be careful."

As the crystal bear leaped into the air, Anping took his time crafting a spell model. While confronting entities formed of souls and energy, employing soul-based spells was the logical choice. However, Anping hesitated, fearing the consequences of potentially triggering a spirit Ascension test in the area.

He ruminated, 'Will spirit Ascension conduct testing in this area? If so, I don't know what the consequences will be.'

Opting for a cutting technique, Anping cautiously refrained from delving into soul-based methods. He unleashed the technique just in time, guiding Gu Yuena to safety. With a resounding crash, the crystal bear hit the ground, dispersing a cloud of dust as it cleaved into two halves. Blood pooled on the floor, and its soul swiftly decomposed into a radiant yellow halo.

Surprised, Gu Yuena questioned, "So simple? How did you do it?"

Anping replied, "Used the power of space to cut. You can try it."

Observing the aftermath, Gu Yuena marveled, "This much spiritual power should significantly extend the life of the soul ring. Let's absorb it quickly."

Anping nodded in agreement.

Later on, Gu Yuena realized a curious pattern. She asked, "How did you manage to avoid encountering troublesome soul beasts when I'm with you?"

Anping, taken aback, queried, "Avoided them? How?"

Gu Yuena elaborated, "I've noticed that we've never stumbled upon a group of soul beasts when I'm with you. How do you do it?"

Anping mused, "What do you mean? Soul fluctuations."

Perplexed, Gu Yuena questioned, "Soul fluctuation? Why can't I feel it?"

Anping suggested, "Hmm, perhaps it's a matter of talent?"

Thus, the duo traversed the forest, occasionally facing off against one or more spirit beasts. It wasn't until they were abruptly summoned back that they opened their eyes to the surroundings. Anping inquired, "Why did you come back? It hasn't been long, has it?"

Wu Changkong responded, "Tang Wulin's soul has evolved; we need to leave immediately."

Returning to the academy, Wu Zhangkong carried Tang Wulin to his dormitory, standing guard in case any unforeseen events transpired.

The following day, amidst the routine of classes, Wu Zhangkong ascended the podium. Gazing at the assembly of students, he calmly addressed them, "Share your reflections on the Spirit Ascension Platform."

An extended silence followed, prompting Wu Zhangkong to express in a cold tone, "No one has anything to say. Following the order of separation, Zhang Yangzi, your thoughts?"

Zhang Yangzi, rising with a tinge of embarrassment, confessed, "My performance was dismal yesterday. I apologize, Teacher Wu."

Wu Zhangkong replied, "No need for apologies to me. Your life is your own. While in the Soul Ascension Platform, you have a chance to acknowledge your mistakes. If it were the actual Soul Beast Forest, you might not have survived. Share your feelings about the Spirit Ascension Platform and your self-reflection."

Zhang Yangzi's embarrassment deepened. "The world of Spirit Ascension feels so authentic, devoid of any virtual semblance. I shouldn't hastily attack without assessing the enemy's strength fully. Next time, I'll exercise utmost caution to protect myself and strive to endure longer."

Nodding, Wu Zhangkong turned to Wang Jinxi, prompting him to share his experience.

Recollecting the face-to-face encounter with the Man-Faced Demon Spider, Wang Jinxi shuddered. Wearing a wry smile, he admitted, "Other memories are vague. The fallen face and the chilling coldness, akin to freezing the soul, haunt me like a nightmare. I'm holding on, uncertain about what awaits me the next time we cross paths."

Wu Zhangkong advised, "Focus on relaxing your mind; you'll gradually recover in a few days. Your situation is unique, facing an exceptionally potent soul beast. It could even overpower someone with a century of cultivation. There's no shame in falling to it. Remember, if faced with a similar situation, hit the eject button promptly to avoid being directly killed."

Turning his attention to Xie Xie, who appeared animated, Wu Zhangkong inquired, "And your impressions?"

Xie Xie's excitement surfaced. "I genuinely like that place. It's ideal for our agility attack system soul masters. I've struggled to find a suitable arena for practicing various fighting techniques, and now the Spirit Ascension Platform feels tailor-made for us."

Then came Tang Wulin, expressing his profound sentiments. "The inside feels undeniably real. Despite knowing it's an illusion, I can't help but immerse myself in it, experiencing genuine pain and the thrill of battling a soul beast. Cultivating in such an environment, I believe we can truly become accomplished soul masters."

Wu Zhangkong's gaze shifted to Gu Yuena, prompting him to inquire, "And what are your impressions?"

Gu Yuena responded, "It's remarkably beautiful and authentic, akin to a genuine ancient forest. I find it quite enchanting."

Wu Zhangkong, his brows furrowed slightly, pressed for more, "Is that all?"

Gu Yuena nodded, affirming, "That's all."

Wu Zhangkong, not entirely satisfied, probed further, "Then enlighten me on how you located Anping."

Caught off guard, Gu Yuena hesitated momentarily before revealing, "Elemental mark."

Perplexed, Wu Zhangkong questioned, "Given your ability, why not gather everyone together? It would be prudent to face powerful soul beasts as a united front."

Gu Yuena remained silent, lips pressed together.

Observing her reticence, Wu Zhangkong sighed and shifted his attention to Anping. "Your thoughts?"

Anping stood and offered a concise response, "It looks beautiful."

Wu Zhangkong, unimpressed, pressed for more, "That's it?"

Anping affirmed, "That's it."

Accepting the simplicity, Wu Zhangkong then delved into a more pertinent matter. "Now, enlighten me on how you managed to skillfully avoid those social soul beasts. I noticed you navigating the area, skillfully steering clear of them all."

Anping disclosed, "My second soul skill, soul perception. It grants me the ability to sense soul fluctuations."

An air of astonishment swept through Tang Wulin and the others upon hearing Anping's revelation. The implications dawned on them – possessing such an ability would practically ensure their survival on the Ascension Platform.