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Read WITCH-LOG novel written by the author CWKR on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering yuri, magic, adventure, mystery, action. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


*Warning! This novel is not for the sensitive or righteous ones. When reading this, please keep in mind that caution is advised. Do not read if the person in question feels personally offended or attacked.* and Under the silver moon and the darkest of nights, she, a 21th-century witch who made a pact with a mysterious being for a second life, came to a world of wonders. Kingdoms and Continents; Cults and religions; Wizards and Knights; Humans and Demons; Wars and Ancient races; Relics and Legacies; Banished lands and Hidden Dimensions; Reincarnation and Godhood; Nights of the thousand stars and Legends of time... This is an unending novel story packed full of darkness, mysteries, magic, and more! Here starts the tale of a reborn soul in her journey to become a Lore Goddess. Welcome to the Witch-Log!


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Hello dear readers! I'm glad to be able to publish my new novel, Witch-Log. If some of you are confused about the story, then just treat it as a mischievous and reckless girl who, by using her blood on something, was brought to another reality, another world. It's just that...that girl was a witch. This is a slow progressive story filled with my imagination and probably some familiar names that you will soon find. Anyway, please don't miss this book and write a comment. With all said and done, welcome to the witch-Log!


Its a well writen book. Mc is a bit reckless but not an idiot and she has potential to be a sadist. Well I said sadist but dont think her as extremely blood thirsty maniac . She has her own momments :D . She love to tease her maid and probably her maid will not be the only one teased in the future . Also Mc is fond of her own entertaintment . As for the world background we didnt see much yet and its totally normal when we consider its just the start of story . Overall this story has lots of potential .




The only thing you need to know about this novel are 2 words. RETARDED CHARACTERS. Utterly mega ultimate holy cursed navy alien space fish bacteria microdick level of RETARDED. Seriously, if you have a working brain and you don't find ALL and i legit mean ALL of the characters in this story being retarded, reply to me stating that they aren't, so that i know the name of another retard and get a laugh out of you. I need that from all the suffering i had to go through because of this retarded novel.


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