253 Giving Her Some More Time

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"Something that will make my Queen feel better," he answered and pulled her closer to make her fall in his embrace as her hands rested on his shoulder to support herself on her knees while his hands wrapped around her waist. 

Seren looked into his red eyes that carried a heated gaze and she felt like she would melt under them anytime soon. Her face was only an inch apart, as she felt his minty hot breath brushing her cheeks, her hands couldn't push him away but she tried to look through his soul through his eyes.

Drayce smirked lightly, seeing those puzzled twinkling eyes, that he pulled her even closer as there was no distance left between their bodies, as they felt the heat emitting from each other. Drayce was not surprised that she felt warmer than ever and her heart was going crazy with its pace. Her breathing turned shallow as she had to gasp a few times.


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