206 [Bonus chapter]Meeting The Concubines

Lady Tyra turned towards Seren. "Your Majesty, those carriages belong to the First and Second Concubines of the old king."

They did not wait long before the carriages stopped in front of them. The woman who seemed to be a lady-in-waiting stepped out of the first carriage and helped an older dignified woman to step out of it.

With long flowing dark hair and eyes the shade of blue, the woman who seemed to be younger than her true age emerged from the carriage and offered Seren a sweet smile. Dressed in an impressive red robe, the woman looked so elegant and charismatic that it reminded Seren of a less attractive Queen Niobe. Though Seren didn't like Queen Niobe, she could not deny the fact that she was a figure of beauty, grace, and elegance, although she was a cold woman who never allowed herself to show her emotions in front of people.

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