Win My Husband Over to Find My Child

Witty FL x Adorkable ML + a cute bun + a cute crochet fox ---------- After the sudden death of her boyfriend, Leslie Song has been single-handedly raising her precious little daughter Calliope. It’s a difficult life, but it’s a happy one. A freak accident puts an end to that. As Leslie lies dying on the road, watching Calliope breathe her last, she curses her helplessness. Calliope’s crochet fox seems to hear her. It opens its mouth and asks, “Do you want to see your daughter again? If so, follow me. Her soul has already left for another world.” Leslie agrees. That’s the last thing she remembers before losing consciousness. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself—or rather, her soul—standing beside her unconscious body on a hospital bed. “How is this supposed to help me find Calliope!” she exclaims. “This is not your body. Your body is dead. This is my original host, Charlene Li,” explains the toy fox. “You can possess her body to find Calliope, but if you do, you must finish her uncompleted mission for her.” “And what mission is that?” “To marry the second most eligible CEO in the city.” ‘This,’ Leslie concludes, ‘is a scam.’ But she has no other choice. ********** Meanwhile, the second most eligible bachelor in the city, Calix Xu, is patting himself on the back for thwarting his grandmother’s attempts to marry him off. After exhausting all of his tricks and excuses, he has resorted to marrying the comatose daughter of the Li family. Calix smiles, pleased with himself, "Aren't I smart? Grandmother can do nothing now." But… why is he seeing his newly-wedded wife hovering beside her own body? Before he can react, his wife—the moving one—floats towards him. "Husband! Help me find my child!" “Your child?” Calix asks weakly before doing the only reasonable thing he can do in such a situation. He faints. ---------- WSA 2024 entry! Commissioned cover and character images by yuuri_e (Instagram) 2 chapters/day + mass release start March onwards

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If Only She Had Some Kind of Cheat

"Mrs. Xu, you shall lie to rest first. You've cooperated with us very well, thank you. Oh, is the temperature fine for you?"

Leslie caught every word spoken by Dr. Mo. Smiling faintly, she nodded, "I'm... good. I'll... shut... my eyes... for a... second."

Dr. Mo and the nurses were very considerate of Leslie. Understanding how her current health condition was, they let her rest from time to time during the checkup sessions.

Leslie met other specialists and a group of therapists at the same time. They were being mindful of her state. She believed she would see them again soon.

Leslie had just finished going through all necessary examinations. The nurses led her to a room where she was suggested to rest even for a moment. They dimmed the lights to let her feel comfortable.

"In the meantime, I'll speak to your husband about your state," said Dr. Mo while glancing at the wristwatch, "Is that okay with you, Mrs. Xu?"