221 Desperate Attempt Of A Weak.


A white-haired figure crashed into the mountain.

''Ah!'' A grunt of pain escaped his mouth as he fell down on the snow ground.

[-50 HP]

[HP: 245/420]


In the distance, a heat vision appeared!

The heat vision was on fire, which melted the snow away and made the temperature rise.

Isaac's leg muscles twitched as he jumped out of the way in a hurry. Soon, he landed on the ground and rolled several more meters before jumping up on his feet.

[Wall Breaker!]

King Klaus used Wall Breaker and fused it with Heat Vision.

Once, the heat vision struck the mountain. It fell entirely apart!

The heat vision with ease destroyed the mountain into smithereens.

Isaac turned around and aimed with his musket rifle; without further ado, he squeezed the trigger, and instantly, the recoil rocked his shoulder.


The bullet left like a rocket and flew straight towards the dark-cloaked figure.


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