White Lotus (Omegaverus)
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White Lotus (Omegaverus)


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What is White Lotus (Omegaverus)

Read White Lotus (Omegaverus) novel written by the author Chase_Xavier_123 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, r18, modern, bl, fiction. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The silver haired guy sat on roadside bench looking at the cars passing by. "Finally got thrown out." Charles ridiculed the lad before getting hit by his bag. "You responsible for this, you idiot." Hearing Chase use those words for himself Charles didn't felt bad. Well, not everyone could hear the well mannered Chase cursing. Charles lifted the omega's bag and pinched his nose tip that has turned red due to the cold. "You should have wore more clothes." "Let me stay at your place tonight. And learn some manners idiots you should have gave me your jacket not some empty advice." "You wanna stay at my place....you have pay. And you called me in the middle of the night forget about jacket I came wearing slippers. IDIOT."


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I know I am the defination of shameless but I trying to promote my novel "Hacker Z" through this piece hope you will support me to win this competition. The story consist of a omega who doesn't wanna fit in the society's box of normality. But his behaviour isn't even rebellious from societies standards. In society we always see two groups fighting for problems but most of the time we don't relate with either of their radical beliefs. But their voices are so loud that we can't even speak what we think.


Overall : I would recommend this to people who wants to read nore about alpha, omegas and romance. This book would be a good pick to read on! Writing quality : The writing was good but there were some small minor grammatical errors but it didnt affect the story reading so its fine! Updating : it is okay but the story would be better if there were more chapters to read on! Characters : The characters are unique in their own way in terms of their personality and their way of interacting. it was interesting. World background : it was well written, i got to understand the alpha and omega world easily and it wasn’t too confusing. My thoughts : This is a great story that i would love to see more of and i hope the author will keep writing! I’ll keep track of this! Great work author! [img=recommend]


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I only read the first chapter. And I am impressed. But I hope the author can give more updates. There isn't much to review with one chapter. Good luck author!!


Well as the story only had 2 chapters, there isn't much to review. But all I can tell you is that I crave for more!! I eagerly want to read the next chapter! I need to know what happened next! The characters seems interesting I'm definitely curious about Chase story to understand why he act like that! Really keep going your story is really good!!


Honestly, I was confused going through the chapters. But I just read your comments on this, saying it is a promotional novel for your Hacker-Z. But most of my confusion comes from my exposure to the world discussed and developed in the story. So, it's not your bad. I liked the chase's mentality and personality in the opening chapter and his exchanges with his family. It was hilarious. I should read your other novel and review it in the upcoming days... Maybe I can reserve a review swap before hand for my next😂😂


The dialogues are very well written, they proceed smoothly like real people talking. I just think the character could be introduced a little bit slower, there were times I got lost with a character role.


Great story. Jeez, how should I say this, I really want some kids in here👶👶👶. Charles seems more arrogant here may be cause of alpha genes. It's first time seeing Nicolas, but I hate you Nicolas. I really wanna see what would happen if alpha Charles meets normal world Chase. Probably would get his data stolen by HackerZ


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