Whisper of Hearts
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Whisper of Hearts


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What is Whisper of Hearts

Read Whisper of Hearts novel written by the author prada_murthy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering mystery, superpowers, dark, werewolf, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Aylin," Azimir breathed as he caressed the girl's cheek before pulling her to him. "Why do you deny your feelings, dear?" "Because I do not have any feelings for you." "Are you sure, dear?" Aylin stayed silent, not knowing how to respond to him. "Why does your heart say otherwise? I can hear it, you can hear it. Why are you ignoring what your heart is whispering to you?" Azimir probed and pulled her close until his breath fell on her lips. "Even if you ignore your feelings, I will not allow you to. You are mine as I am yours and it will be this way forever." --------------------------------------------------------------- It is the year of the moon, the year when all the alphas around the world gather at Aranill to compete for the throne of the Alpha King. It is said that one who takes over the throne can change his destiny and even seek the power of the moon which nobody else can even gain access to. Azimir Bhaltiar, the young Alpha of kingdom Ideni, is one among the many alphas competing for the throne. It is then that he meets Aylin Ediar, the only female general in the royal army and Azimir finds himself attracted to her. The competition takes a deadly turn when the alphas go missing one by one and are found brutally murdered immediately after. All the blame now falls on Azimir for all the evidence point to him. While nobody believes his claims of innocence, Aylin stands by his side, helping him to find the man behind all the deaths, only to end up being pulled into a conspiracy so brutal that completely shatters all other truths. Now, what is the forbidden truth about the throne that links all the murders to the conspiracy? Is Azimir guilty of those murders or is he as innocent as he claims himself to be? And why does Aylin refuse to accept her feelings for him? One truth, countless lies, one secret and a throne that can change destiny. The one who solves it gains the power of the moon. Join Azimir to find out his destiny in his pursuit of the throne as well as what his heart desires the most, Aylin. The cover picture does not belong to me.


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The story starts with a nice hook which leads the readers to continue reading and there is not a single moment where you will feel bored. The backstory is wonderful weaved with hair-ripping cliffhangers. So far, it interests me so much to see a werewolf story focusing on the enmity between the god and the devil. It is quite an interesting take on the matter. I encourage my fellow readers to go ahead, read and enjoy the story. Note to the author: You better stop giving those cliffhangers. My knife and blades are ready. Also, before anyone tells you this. I wanna stake ma claim on the ML. He's MINE. *hairflip* On a side note, keep writing, keep enjoying and keep giving us more of the wonderful chapters. Lotsa luvv and best wishes. [img=recommend]


The initial chaps are literally bait for hungry book readers like me. The author used her writing in a perfect way which entrapped me. ( bows ) Also the names 🤭 I love the names of lead characters. They are really unique. Author nim takes her precious time in developing the character and world bg with no hurries. This is a slow burn. So for those who like instant things you might want to search again. Although being a slow burn is not, it actually is more gripping to me at least. I love the world bg here. All the three initial introduced characters were so interesting. I fell for them 🤩. Thank you for your hard work author! You nice, Keep Going!! Hwaiting!!


the author has proven again how creative she is when it comes to writing a story. Through the starting chapters , the author vividly show the magical world with the interactions of the goddeses. She even portrayed the conflict that might happen. This is a dark theme novel that is written beautifully. The suspense of what will happen next keep on the edge of my seat as I continued reading the story. This is how this author captured my interest in this book. When It comes to her writing style... All I can say is... she is a sensational author. Check the book now and see for yourself. Please author updat3 more


The story is filled with mystery, action, and hot werewolf attraction. The initial chapters introduce us to the world of the gods ruling on that world. Then, we finally get to know our leads. The story is interesting and flows well, grammar is perfect, and the characters are well-built and relatable. Good job, I need more chapters!!!


Interesting. I love the whole concept of it. it's intriguing and the mystery surrounding it is one to look forward to discovering. Grammar is smooth, as I couldn't detect any errors and the flow is progressing at a decent rate. the whole werewolf stuff, with their legacy slightly inserted, makes it feels deeper to reason with. best of luck author. waiting to read more chapters 😃❤️


Flawless is all I can say. Exceptional writing and setting and beautiful descriptions sets the mood just right to dive into this story 😍 The beginning is intriguing and suspenseful and I loved the way how the plot smoothly flowed until now 🥰 I commend author's imagination. The premise is mysterious and dark 😍😍 I loved it! Please do give this a try. you won't regret it❤️ All the best dear author 😘😘


The story is just great. The author used unique words which intrigued the interest which made me read further. The plot is too intigruing and author has her way to keep the intriguing in check. all the best author.


This is an amazing piece. The few chapters alone can already give you a an idea of how thrilling this novel would be. The suspense of finding the truth and the development of feelings were described carefully. The author really gave this novel a careful thought. I highly suggest for you guys to read this book. ❤


Interesting book from the author and as unusual, you shouldn't procrastinate to read it!! Nice flow of words and pretty enough suspense to keep one at the edge of their seat. Nice work author


Definitely following this one! The story is a straightforward yet suspenseful one and the grammar is on point. Overall, it's gonna be a great read. Kudos to the author! 💪💪


If you are looking for a different and out of the box story, then do give this one a try. Flawless writing and wonderful character setting of the book, will take you on a beautiful ride. This book is worth all the coins! Keep up the good work prada!😍😍


After reading, I must say that I had no regrets reading Whisper of Hearts. The vivid descriptions, the characters, AND the story development? This is a masterpiece! I love how the novel starts off and I’m looking forward to what happens next. Then again… anything written by prada_murthy is guaranteed quality. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Read this novel and see what I mean~ - mari <3


What a wonderful start. The title is catching. .. But more importantly, so is the synopsis especially the first few chapters. I wonder the craziness that had begun. Love the suspense thrill and thw fear portrayed. In all, its a great book. Nice one.


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