When The Gangster Falls In Love

He hated the man that drove him crazy and would stop at nothing to get him away from his sister. But yet, he found himself falling deeper under his spell, intoxicated by the forbidden affection he knew better than to covet. He had stolen the heart of the man his sister loved, and what was worse, he did not regret it

Riceballs_25 · LGBT+
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35 Chs

The Bastard Had Black Hand Gloves On

A dreadful silence swept over the room when he made his condition, my skin flinched under his unforgiving touch, and my body shrank back, for fear that this bastard meant a single word he said.

To make his point clear, he rephrased. "In place of Jasmine, you'll be satisfying my sexual urges."

"T-That's absurd!" I hissed, "I'm not going to let you cheat on my sister even further." I struggled out of his grip, until I was able to shake him off.

Actually, a part of me knew that I was able to get away because he eased up his grip strength.

"Cheating? Don't misunderstand things, this is seperate from my relationship with Jasmine. You're the one responsible for my condition, it's only right you compensate me."

I scoffed and ran my fingers through my hair, "You're sick in the head."

He grinned, "I'm not going to force you into doing this, the choice is yours to make. You may walk out that door and pretend I never said a word about this." Ferrari said, although I wasn't foolish enough to think he'd let me off the hook that easy.

I knew how this sort of thing went.

"I see, you're trying to humiliate me." He was taking revenge for all those times I gave him hell. "But think it through, would you really get any satisfaction from doing it with a man?"

"I'm open to indulge." He responded.

"Well I'm not, I have a girlfriend and you're dating my sister, so no, I don't agree to this." I gave him my response, and waited to hear what he would tell me.

But, Ferrai didn't seem the least bit fazed, "If that's your decision, then you can walk yourself out, we have nothing to discuss."

I wanted to stay and work things out, no matter how much of an asshole he was, I had shot him twice, it didn't sit well with me that he would just let me walk out.

It didn't make sense, up until tomorrow night during dinner with Jas and Camille, when we encountered what I'd call the most awkward dinner I'd ever had.

"No frickin way! Why the hell is she coming?!" Jas complained over the phone while I set the table for our dinner. Usually I had helps to do this, but that night I had them sent away because we were having a guest.

"She's my girlfriend, she doesn't need a reason to come have dinner with me." I crooned into the phone balanced between my ear and shoulder.

I'd spent the last five hours cooking an apology dinner for Camille, who only came over to take back some of her stuff. After I ran out on dinner, she got an earful from her father who insisted she break up with me. I tried to serenade her the entire day, but she refused to be around me.

And when she asked me to send her stuff over, I declined and begged her to come over and at least hear me out over dinner. As per our arrangement, if she didn't feel comfortable, she could take her stuff and leave.

"Where the hell are you? You left college hours ago, and without the driver."

"I had some projects to cover, I'll be there in let's say five minutes…" Jasmine was saying, but got cut off by a text from Camille, she had just pulled over by the main gate.

"Camille's outside, hurry your ass down here so all three of us can get through dinner." I huffed, and pinched my temples. This dinner had to go smoothly, my business was resting on it.

"Four actually…" I heard her mumble into the phone.


"What? Nothing. Um, I'll see you tonight at dinner, Bye." she swiftly inserted then disconnected the call, leaving me a bit curious over who she was referring to. Not a single one of her college friends had ever visited this house, the only other person aside the helps who dropped by was Camille.

And of course…him.

I violently shook my head, pushing out all thoughts of that bastard. I didn't know what he was planning, but once I patched things up with Camille, I'd finish up my business with him once and for all.

Or so I unfortunately assumed.

"Camille, thank fuck you came." I heaved a sigh of relief, as I walked her to the dinning room. Her disapproving eyes scanned the plates set out on the table.

"Three?" She asked in a prickly tone.

"Jas is on her way, she should be here in a minute…"

Camille rolled her eyes and sat herself on the left side of the table. I tried to sit next to her, but she shot me a warning glare, then gestured at the chair across from her.

This would be a long night.

"So, where's my stuff? I assume you've gotten them ready." She started off the conversation, getting right to the point.

"Camille…" my tone dropped, "Last night was all my fault, I was a fucking idiot to walk out on you like that. Especially after you went through so much to get me that dinner with Richard…"

"Do you think an apology is going to fix it? You made me look like a complete fool in front of my dad!" Her voice sounded hurt. I knew she wanted Richard and I to get along, it was stupid to ever listen to that bastard in the first place.

I reached for her right hand and took it in mine, and then I rested my other hand on her cheek. "I'm a complete idiot and I'm ready to do anything to get you to forgive me. Just please don't break us up." I said softly then stared into her blue orbs.

A part of me wished half of what I said was true. I wished I wasn't just doing this for her father's endorsement, and that I truly wanted to make this woman happy.

However, just as Camille was about to say something, we were interrupted by the arrival of Jas and the plus one she brought to dinner.

"Did we come in at a bad time?" Jas' voice forced me to pull apart first. I rested my hand at the back of my neck and cracked a nervous grin.

"No, you're right on time for dinner—" I said while turning to look at her, only to get tongue tied when my gaze landed Ferrari sitting on a wheelchair, wearing a pair of thick black gloves on his hands.

"Thank heavens!" She huffed and reached for the wheel chair. "Oh, and I hope you don't mind, you see Alé was in an accident and can't even cook form himself. I hope this isn't a problem."

I forced a smile. "Why not? The more the merrier."

Jas sighed in relief and leaned closer to Ferrai. "You see babe, I told you my brother would be okay with you staying over until you fully recovered." she announced with a wide grin on her face, that matched the all sadistic smile on Ferrari's lips.

"I'll have to thank him personally for letting me stay." The bastard replied her, but kept his strict gaze on me while he spoke. His wicked intentions spilling out of his insufferable tone.