When Sky Falls In Love

Meet Selena Castroni, a simple girl and a nobody in her school who confessed her feelings for her long-time crush at the center of the basketball court after a championship game which made her heart shatter into a million pieces when her plan turned into a disaster. Skyler Alcarazo was the famous basketball superstar in Santa Clara Valley Academy who didn't want to have a serious relationship with any girl because, for him, girls would only distract his training and would ruin his future career. Besides, Sky was confident he could have whoever he wanted because of his good looks and overloaded sex appeal. Excerpt: "Sky, there is something I want to tell you," Selena said with shaking limbs as Skyler towered over her, wearing a victorious smile after his excellent performance during his game. "What is it, Selena? Do you want my autograph?" He asked, grinning at his younger brother's best friend. "No, I don't need your autograph; I like you, Skyler," she replied, blushing. "What?" He asked as his eyes widened in shock. "I said I like you, Sky, and I want to be your girlfriend," Selena answered, trying to control her emotions, and he laughed. Then, his face turned dark, and she could feel her blood drain from her veins as she looked at the disgusted look on Sky's face. "I thought you were different from other girls; I don't like you more than friends, Selena. Don't expect I have feelings for you because I treat you nicely; in my eyes, you are only my brother's best friend, nothing more, nothing less." Sky replied and walked away from her without taking a second glance. Selena's confession made her the laughingstock in her school, and things became complicated between them even after she gave Skyler one more chance, and she swore to herself she would make Sky pay for breaking her heart. But her plans became futile when Skyler became the greatest professional basketball player in the country and won the award as the Most Valuable player five times in a row. Skyler became a celebrity, while Selena had difficulty mending her broken heart. Sky was at the top of the world, enjoying his popularity and wealth, and having the hottest heiress as his fiancee made him the envy of all the guys all over Vizland Republic. One accident made him lose everything he knew he had, including his self-esteem. He became angry with the world and his existence. Selena was desperate to get a high-paying job to support his father's impending surgery. She grabbed the opportunity she read in the newspaper only to find out she would be dealing with the heartbreaker, Skyler. What will happen when the egoistic Superstar realizes fame is not the only thing that matters in the world? Can Selena be Sky's guiding light and savior in his darkest moment, or will she turn his world darker by taking her revenge on him? (Warning: Have mature content in the later part of the story)

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Stanley's Plan

Selena's POV

"Do you want to drink fresh coconut water?" Skyler asked, and I nodded my head, and he stopped his truck and helped me get out of his car.

"Good morning, Skyler, Stanley, and of course, to you, Ms. Selena," Joe said; he was the son of the steward who runs the plantation.

"Good morning, Joe," we greeted him back in unison.

"It is nice to see you again, Skyler; it has been a long time since I have seen you here on the plantation. We missed you, but we always watched your game," Joe declared with a broad grin on his face.

"Thanks for coming to Santa Clara capital just to watch my game, Joe; it means a lot to me," Skyler replied.

"You don't need us to cheer for you, you've got so many fans, and I could say those girls only watch the basketball game just to see you," Joe responded.

"We always wanted to see you after your every game, but we find it hard to say hi to you. Those girls would be circling you screaming your name, and we don't have a choice but leave and give your fans a chance to shake your hands." Joe added.

"That is not true, Joe; I am not the only one who is good inside the court," Sky replied.

"Maybe, but with your good looks, I am sure they came for you," Joe insisted while Sky shook his head.

"You better give the lady what she wants," Sky said, and I could tell he was trying to change the topic, and I didn't expect him to feel embarrassed in front of us.

I thought there was nothing he wished to talk about but basketball, yet I realized I was wrong, and there were still so many things I didn't know about him.

"Of course, you want to drink fresh water and eat the young coconut meat?" He asked, and I couldn't stop my mouth from watering.

"Yes, I like to drink the sweet water and eat the delicious gelatinous meat straight from the shell," I replied with too much enthusiasm, and Joe grinned at me.

"Okay, get your stomach ready; I know this is your favorite," he said as he showed me the green coconut, and my mouth watered with anticipation.

Joe handed each one of us the coconut fruit, and we drank the water straight from the shell, and it was fun, and I ate the coconut meat with too much excitement that I had forgotten to behave in front of Sky.

It was already late to undo my actions, and I blushed when I found Skyler's intriguing eyes on me. I could feel the knots on my stomach as he smiled at me, and I wiped my mouth with my shirt sleeve.

The day I spent with the Alcarazo brothers was fun, and it still amazed me as I watched the farm staff harvest the fully mature coconut. They looked so busy, and it was fun helping them, even for a while.

I helped served snacks after Sky drove us to the nearest place where we could buy freshly baked bread. I hate myself for feeling disappointed that I didn't get to be alone with Skyler since he was busy talking with Joe and the rest of the staff.

Even if he didn't come to the farm open, everyone on the plantation knew him, and I could tell they were so proud of him. Their father would always visit the plantation whenever he had the time, but mostly it was Ramon, Joe's father, who watched over the entire operation of the farm.

Skyler was having a busy conversation with Ramon. At the same time, I couldn't stop my eyes from admiring his handsome face, from his dark eyebrows, tantalizing eyes, beautiful nose, naturally red lips, toned body, muscular arms, and height. He stands six feet and two inches, and I can tell he is still growing.

"Hmm," I heard Stanley clear his throat, and I quickly moved my head into the tractor, and I knew he caught me checking out his elder brother, and the idea that he might know I was falling for his brother made me feel so nervous.

"You are doing a great job, Selena, but I was worried that you are beginning to fall for Sky." He declared, and I gave him a stern look after I turned my head and looked at him.

"Stan, how could you make me a pawn to your brother last night?" I asked, trying to act disappointed with him for bailing on me last night.

"I told you I need to set it up so you can be alone with him, and the look on my brother's face this morning was enough to tell me he had a great night," Stan responded.

"I could tell by the way my brother was stealing glances at you that he couldn't get enough of your lips." He said in more than a whisper, and I knew he didn't want anyone to overhear our conversation.

"What?" I asked, trying to control the loud beating of my heart, and I knew I was blushing.

"You don't need to be shy; I know my brother, but it was only a kiss, Selena, and I knew you had been saving your first kiss for your first charming, AKA, your first love." He responded; I don't know how he knew I had my first kiss with his brother.

"I told you to flirt with him, and it would be normal for my brother to kiss you, but I must remind you never to fall in love with Skyler," Stanley added.

"What made you think I am falling for your brother? I knew his reputation, Stan, you don't need to remind me, besides I was doing all this for you because of that girl; why can't you find another girl, Stan? There are a lot of girls on campus who are dying to have a date with you." I responded.

"I am not saying you are falling for him, Selena; I was telling you to be careful with your heart. I don't want to be the reason for your heartache; I won't forgive myself if that happens." He said, and I wished to tell him I had been in love with his brother for as long as I could remember.

"Thank you for helping me, Selena. Don't worry, I already got the ticket for the concert, and if ever you change your mind, just remember you lost the bet, plus you will gain a concert ticket to your favorite singer." He said, and I wanted to tell him I was the one who gained with his scheme

But I am aware I couldn't say I was winning since there would be a possibility what Stan had told me about his brother's feelings for me was not true, but the way he kissed me was telling me Stanley could be right.

"What will happen if I will not confess to Skyler?" I asked.

"There would be no concert ticket; plus, I could say you are a coward, Selena, and I will be calling you chicken." He responded.

"What if your theory was wrong?" I asked.

"You have to believe me; my brother likes you," he replied.

"He loves many girls, Stanley," I responded, feeling irritated, and I knew it was more of my jealousy as I thought of those girls who hang out with him.

"No, they are just his flings; besides, they threw themselves at him; he was only trying to be a good person to them," he responded, and I frowned at him.

"How about Erika? I saw him kissing her on his balcony," I responded.

"Are you jealous of Erika?" He asked, and I laughed.

"What? I am not jealous of anyone, Stan; I was only asking you; we can't continue with our plan if she is at your house every afternoon." I replied.

"It means you have to double your effort, Selena," he answered, and I creased my forehead as I looked at my best friend.

"You are unbelievable, Stan, this is all your plan, and now you are giving me headaches; I couldn't stop her. She is the most popular girl on campus; how can I compete with her charm, beauty, and, most of all, her intelligence?" I responded.

"You are beautiful in your ways, Selena; about the intelligent part, you can be bright as her if you only study your lesson, but you are busy holding wrenches and screwdrivers every after class. I knew you wanted to help your father with the shop, but you don't need to do that because you are a girl." He said.

"Looked at your fingernails; you always have grease on them, you should be busy with your homework and beautifying yourself, and I just couldn't believe why you always wanted to do a man's job." He added, and I felt conscious as I hid my fingers.

"You must thank me and my fascination with machines since I saved your friends on the road how many times already," I answered, and he beamed at me.

"Yeah, sometimes I am glad you are a mechanic, but it would be best if sometimes you should wear a dress and not coveralls," he stated.

"I am sorry to disappoint you, Stan, but this is me," I responded.

"Yeah, but I love what you are wearing today, you looked great with that shorts, and I almost laughed when I saw the expression on my brother's face when he found you wearing that sexy shorts this morning ." He said, and I could see the amusement on his face while I couldn't stop blushing.

"I need to ask you a favor; when we return to our mansion, you should temporarily stop helping your dad, don't worry; I will be paying you for your services." He added, and I looked at him


"What do you want me to do for you? I don't like tutorials, Stan," I responded.

"I don't need a tutor, Selena; I also hate studying," he declared.

"Why are you asking me to stop helping my father? What do you want me to do for you?" I asked.

"Nothing; all you have to do is hang out with me in our house after class and wear those dresses I gave you as your outfit." He said.

"What?" I asked louder than necessary, and almost everyone heard me. Skyler looked at us with worries on his face.

"I am sorry, it was nothing," I said to no one, in particular, smiling at them.

"I can't do that, Stan," I said sternly.

"My brother needed to see you every day so he would become more in love with you, and Sky would stop Erika from coming uninvited to our house." He replied, and I couldn't stop my heart from feeling thrilled about Stanley's plan.

I kept my excitement at bay since I needed to pretend I hated Stan's idea, but my heart was dancing with too much happiness as I thought that spending more time with Skyler meant he would be kissing me again.