When Blood Runs Cold
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When Blood Runs Cold


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What is When Blood Runs Cold

When Blood Runs Cold is a popular web novel written by the author Wolfgirl1215, covering R18, ROMANCE, FANTASY, ACTION, HIGHFANTASY, VAMPIRE, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, FANTASYROMANCE, LGBTQA, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 366.3K readers with an average rating of 4.92/5 and 130 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 220 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[MATURE CONTENT] A vampire's love is a dangerous thing. Beautiful and fiery, dangerous and domineering. A perfect lover, and, a perfect killer... 'A vampire is the world's perfect predator,' I was once told. 'Seduce you with a smile, a wink, a caress of your cheek, a kiss on your lips. Then they will rip your wings off with their bare hands, leave you flightless; yet in their tight embrace of death, enchanted, you would not even struggle. Not even as they drained each thick drop of blood from your pulsing veins. Vampires are as masterful as they are cruel, they would like nothing greater than to play the overlord in a game of life and death, of love and lies. To them, you are a trifle, a plaything to tempt and toy with. If you think you are anything more, then you have already fallen for their trap.' If this is true, it would take him little under an hour to have me dead. I should have been dead weeks ago. Maybe, I already am.

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Author here! If you are wondering about whether or not to read this book, here is what to expect. This book is a fantasy romance! There's passion, love, action, magic, betrayal and more! If you are into this, great! You are in the right place! The first few chapters focus a lot on establishing the vampires, the main character and the plot, but if you are here for romance, don't worry! The more you read, the more the romance (and the tensions) will unfold. There are certainly some spicy scenes in later chapters, so bear that in mind too! ;) There are love triangles, bitter rivalry, passion, tensions and mysterys to unfold the deeper you delve into the plot. Perhaps most importantly, there are vampires: charming ones, scary ones, gory ones, seductive ones. And even if vampires arent your thing, there is also all manner of other fantasy creatures and characters to supliment your interest! So go, give the prologue a read, and if you like it, please stick around! Your support and comments mean everything to me. And as always, happy reading my lovelies! (Art below: My illustration of the vampire Prince Soren. Read to find out about him!)


I think this is the first book I have given complete give stars but it totally deserves it. I have never seen a fantasy book so detailed, so intriguing and so bloody awesome. I am truly amazed by your writing style, seriously. This is what I try to achieve with my books and it seems so flawless with you. I will say ,I have no complains. The prologue is so captivating and the chapters are so perfectly written . This is going to be one of the books in my top list. Good job, author.


This is a very well written Vampire novel, and I hope this novel serves as a model/prime example of how you should write such a novel. If you're going to write about Vampires, you HAVE to show the vampirism. The author does a fantastic job at building their world of vampires a.k.a the setting of the novel. The worldbuilding itself is executed greatly thanks to character interaction as well as powerful imagery. Certain words that the characters use even contribute to the worldbuilding itself. Story telling wise, I like the writing style used here, seems professional. I recommended this novel to anyone who enjoys supernatural or the vampire genre. What I'm especially proud of this novel is that despite there being elements of romance, the romance DOES NOT overshadow the vampire elements, especially this is a novel about VAMPIRES. There is a fantastically good balance between these genres. Wish you all the best author, may this novel be a shining example of Vampire novels on Webnovel.


What can I say about this novel? It's absolutely a great read! The writing quality is superb. Stability of updates, I see no problem here. The characters are very descriptive as well and they each have their own set of personalities that could easily portray to the readers. The narratives are clear and cutting edge. World background is written well. Overall this book is definitely 5 stars to me. And definitely going to stay in my collections. If you're a fan of vampire stories then I greatly recommended this. And to others, try this, and I know you would find it a refreshing read for a while. Great work author!


All stars This book Is amazing it keeps you completely entertained the whole way and it just keeps getting better. It is very hard to find a vampire book that isn't like almost exactly the same as every vampire book out there this one is different and a very good read


My favorite combination, vampire and romance. I love this book so much. The more I read the more I see how creative the author is. The characters are so lively I for one expect them to just come to life an just jump out of the page. Bottom line is, it is one of the best vampire romance books I have ever read.


Best read up to now should be in the Top 10!! Well written and nice long chapters compared to some other books ive read. Very decriptive and gripping from the start i cant wait for more twists and turns the author takes with this book!


Awesome! And that is how you write a Vampire story. I am a fan of these kinds of books, romance plus vampires plus angels plus a love and hate plot and a long time war. Thus, this novel just hook me up really fast, from the first chapter. The paragraphs are a bit lengthy but not in all bad, instead, they flow quite well and the descriptions only help me immerse better in your world. Great job, author!😊


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This isn't your ordinary vampire novel. It's a vampire story that I really want to see more of from not only this author, but other authors who are interested in romance and wanting to give it epic backgrounds and character development. All of that is here with some neat storytelling and interesting proportions that rivals that of the Twilight franchise. Overall, this is an excellent novel and I recommend it!


This one is a gem. A vivid tale of angels and vampires and destiny and obsession and everything else you want in a novel. The Queen is a complete character, with strengths and weaknesses, and the author draws us in to her story with ease. This is truly a don't-miss book!


If only I could give more than 5 stars. Thumbs up to the author, the first chapter is really captivating and it pulls the reader in. Not only that, the descriptions in each chapter are very detailed. And I love the author's perspective on this. it isnt your normal vampire romance story and honestly, if you're considering reading this book, you should


Great job author, everything is flawlessly awesome!!! Its a great reading experience. I have to say it was a nice read, with vivid details which draw you in. I highly recommend this book 📚 👏


The design of this novel is very very artful, it appeals to one's sences and it has that charm. The charm that only comes with mastering vivid descriptions. Although this novel mentions blood it's not in that Gordy way but in that artistic fantasy like beauty. I don't really know how to explain it but when you read it you'll understand


Honestly, if you are wondering if you should read this novel or not, just read the first chapter. The first chapter is absolutely captivating, if you're not hooked by then, then you can reconsider. I'm hooked.


This is one of my new absolute favorites. Well written, great character development and a great story. [img=update] I hope Azrael gets what he deserves and Soren and Serena change their world for the better.


There was this Vampire story that took me into the world of English books. And then there is this story... Ahhhhh... You know, it's love when someone doesn't go with their instincts, when they lose themselves falling in love with love. Great work! Keep it up!


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A well written vampire novel with diverse characters and a unique plotline. If you want a hot vampire hunk, this is your stop. If that's not enough, there are also angels and will satisfy your celestial cravings. Highly recommend this one!


A story with a perfect balance between Vampires and Romance. The author has done a great job in the world-building as well as in the character's design. The chapters are long and the writing quality is great. I'm a huge fan of Vampire Romance and this story definitely did not disappoint me. So far, the plotline is great and interesting. Great work dear author!💜


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