When Blood Runs Cold Book

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When Blood Runs Cold


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[MATURE CONTENT] A vampire's love is a dangerous thing. Beautiful and fiery, dangerous and domineering. A perfect lover, and, a perfect killer... 'A vampire is the world's perfect predator,' I was once told. 'Seduce you with a smile, a wink, a caress of your cheek, a kiss on your lips. Then they will rip your wings off with their bare hands, leave you flightless; yet in their tight embrace of death, enchanted, you would not even struggle. Not even as they drained each thick drop of blood from your pulsing veins. Vampires are as masterful as they are cruel, they would like nothing greater than to play the overlord in a game of life and death, of love and lies. To them, you are a trifle, a plaything to tempt and toy with. If you think you are anything more, then you have already fallen for their trap.' If this is true, it would take him little under an hour to have me dead. I should have been dead weeks ago. Maybe, I already am.


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