1 1 Death and reincarnation

" " is speech ' ' is thought

"Yaaawn" 'hmm... Why is everything so blurry? I never have trouble waking up like this.' As I rub my eyes, slowly my vision clears and I see... Not my room?!

Looking around I really don't recognize anything. 'I don' t recall getting drunk enough to end up someplace I don't know. I remember spending the last few days rewatching Fairy Tail, which I finished last night and then went to bed early. So what the hell happened?'

Observing my surroundings, I seem to be in Japan or something... Tatami mats on the floor, there is no real door, just a shoji. It certainly looks Japanese. Which is weird because I live in The Netherlands and i' ve never even been to Japan.

Perhaps it's just a house that's decorated in a Japanese style. That makes a lot more sense then suddenly waking up half way around the world I suppose.

"So what's your name kid?"

Turning my head toward the shoji that has just been opened, I see an elderly man standing there with a glorious Dumbledore looking beard. Except this man has the physique of The Rock.

"My name is Björn old man, what's yours?"

"Right, I should have introduced myself first before asking your name, where are my manners. My name is Rob, nice to meet you Björn. Hmm weird name, Björn."

"Well it's not like I could choose my name."

"You can now."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Sorry to tell you kid, but you're dead. Not to worry though, you're getting a second chance at life with a couple wishes and advantages."


The room is deathly quiet for at least 2 minutes, before Rob speaks in a worried tone.

"Are you alright kid? I know it's a lot to wrap your head around, but it would really be in your best interest to get your bearings soon. The less time you waste thinking about your death, the more time you have to think about what you want with your second life. Since you can't really stay here too long."

"Right...it's just that even though my common sense tells me not to believe you, for some reason I just do. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure kid, go ahead."

"When you introduced yourself as Rob, did you mean Random Omnipotent Being?

"Yes I did, my real name wouldn't really make sense to you since I'm from a different world where languages are spoken that you're incapable of comprehending."

"Two more questions before we get to the wishes and reincarnation and whatnot... How did I die? And why am I getting this opportunity?"

"Well, since your head was bashed in, you can't recall the last few minutes of your life. A noise woke you up, it was a burglar and you tried to fight him. Needless to say, you failed. And you were not supposed to die yet. That burglar should have died instead, it was my mistake that switched your fates."

"So it's your fault I'm dead... I'm not sure how I should feel about that." 'My life wasn' t special or anything, I spent most of my time in my dorm room with my nose in a book, studying for university and on rare occasions you could find me watching anime or something on Netflix. The rest of my time was spent with my little sister and my parents at home... DAMN How could I forget?!'

"Rob, is my family going to be alright?"

"Yes, they will all be fine. It' s going to be hard for a while but they will all live pretty happy lives"

"Oh thank god... Or Rob hehe. Well alright then. Onto the wishes and reincarnation. And you also said something about other advantages?"

"Yes, you're right. You get 3 wishes, and as for the advantages, you can only get those if you're willing to do something for me."

"What's that?"

"I want to send you to a world that is under my protection and i want you to take care of a certain organization there. If you do this you'll recieve a status screen to keep track of your abilities, you'll also get an ability like those vampires from Twilight. The ability to speak to animals and command them to do your bidding, and instead of just going to 1 world and staying there, I will give you the opportunity to travel to any world you want."

" What world? And what organization?"

" The world is Twilight, and the organization is the Volturi."

"Alright I'll do it, now as for my wishes. Number 1, I want all the powers and abilities of Muzaka from Noblesse, but I want to be able to turn into a full wolf like those shapeshifters from twilight. Except my wolf's size must be changeable, starting as small as a normal wolf up to the size of fenris from Thor Ragnarok."

"Damn kid... That's a lot to ask for, this would immediately make you extremely overpowered considering the worlds you want to go to."

"So you're not doing it?"

"I didn't say that, I don't mind you being overpowered, but it is going to cost you an extra wish. So what's your last wish?"

"Arc of embodiment."

"Alright, but you can't use it in Twilight. You'll get access to it once you're in the next world with magic. For now I'll give you a one time use of a system to customize your appearance and name. While in Twilight you can only use a status screen and a storage space."

"Thank you Rob." 'hmm.. Since I' m going to use his powers, I might as well take his appearance as well. Especially since I'm not going to Noblesse anyway, and he looks pretty cool. Aaaand done, now I will look like Muzaka, standing at 198 centimeters (6,5ft). And as for the name... I'm definitely not keeping mine. It will be Fenris Kallikrates. Kallikrates means beautiful power from the ancient greek words Kalos (beauty) and Kratos (power).'

"Alright kid, now that that's all done you need to make your own background story in Twilight."

"Background story? I've never read a novel where the mc was required to create his own background story."

"Well don't you think it would be rather strange if some super powerful creature just drops from the sky out of nowhere?"

"I suppose you've got a good point there. Alright then, a background story let me think... Can you alter the world a little bit to fit my story?"

"That depends on how much needs to be altered. But what you're thinking of should be possible. Alright then best of luck on your travels kid, I hope next time we meet it'll be under better circumstances."

"Goodbye Rob, and thanks for the wishes."

Rob waves his hand and suddenly a light blinds me completely and I fall unconscious.

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