Welcoming the chaos Book

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Welcoming the chaos


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There are tales of beings made of pure darkness, they're only known to cause chaos and destruction. They were simply called the "Forbidden", it's not known where they came from, but as the myth goes; they come from the Void Dimension. Eve Kinhana was always suspicious of the CEO of the W.W.P (World Wide Protection services), Alexander Gear. Lately, she's been sensing a lot of dark energy coming from the HQ, as one of her “Ornament” vast powers allow her to detect many types of energies. It wasn't regular dark energy like the many Elementalist were able to control, but the subdivision of dark energy, that you were only able to control if you dabbled in the Forbidden arts; Void energy. With each passing day and the Void energy growing evermore stronger, Eve decides to go to the HQ. Which was located in “Legis”, one of the many great cities. Thankfully enough, she wasn't going alone. Eve was going to be accompanied by her ocelot beastkin step-sister, Eliza Kinhana, and her “Knight”, Vulcan Georra. They're going to face many difficulties, but it was all worth it as Eve considered it her “destiny”. ------------------------ I have a separate book for illustrations and the original character designs. Be sure to check it out! :)


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