2 Starter Pack

Mark Spencer is once a century genius military weapon designer who was well sought by the generals of the army, navy, and the air force or his country.

From machine guns to missiles, submarines to aircraft, he was known to design unique and futuristic weapons.

One day, he was contacted by the world's biggest mafia group to be their weapon designer for a hefty salary. However, he refused their offer, which resulted in his kidnapping during his holiday stay outside the country, despite the heavy security.

For five long years, they kept him on an isolated island and forced him to make weapons for them, until one day, he somehow managed to escape from the island and contacted his friends from the army.

But, who could have expected that he will be betrayed by his trusted comrades as the higher-ups were in suspicion of his defection...

In a desperate struggle, Mark jumped into the ocean, but because of heavy wounds, he wasn't able to swim and slowly drowned.

An unknown amount of time later, he opened his eyes only to find his soul transmigrate into a world of magic, where the original owner named Lu Zhen, who was born as a prince of the Phoenix Empire.

However, due to his inability to gather ether energy in his body, he was switched with a servant's baby by his biological mother without the knowledge of his father, the Emperor.

Despite facing such an unfortunate incident at birth, Lu Zhen grew up happily as the son of a village chief until one night, his foster parents get killed by a burglar, leaving the fate of a twenty-year-old prince in the hands of his father's best friend who took him in and let him work in his weapon store as the manager, located in a nearby town.

Five more years later, while he was sleeping, his soul suddenly gets attacked by a soul from another world.

As a result, his weak soul was crushed and absorbed by the other soul, thereby, occupying his body.

The moment Mark opened his eyes, along with the memories of the previous host, he also found a mysterious weapon system that appeared in his brain.

And the first thing the system asked him to take over was a weapon store to activate the weapon creation.

After resigning from his previous job of being a manager at a store, he waited for two weeks to understand the system as well as to stabilize his mental condition.

With his parents dead, Mark immediately put his property for sale and cashed out all the money before setting off to the Imperial city.

After buying a seemingly normal weapon store, he immediately closed off the shutter and clicked on the quest reward to activate it.

*Ding! You activated the weapon creation.

*Ding! You received a starter pack. Please check your inventory.

*Ding! You received a new quest. Please check the quest list for details.

Mark then opened the inventory with which he was familiar. Like in the games of the modern world, there were five hundred slots in it of which a few of them are occupied by clothes, pouches full of gold, and a few other useful commodities…

Except for those items, there's an image of a gift pack that wasn't present before. He clicked on it.

A blinding light flashed before him before the system voice sounded in his head.

*Ding! You received a signboard. Please check out the inventory.

*Ding! You received an Android assistant.

*Ding! Single-shot pistol is unlocked. Please check out the gallery for details.

*Ding! Bullet is unlocked. Please check out the gallery for details.

Suddenly, a familiar blinding flash occurred before his eyes and a perfectly built handsome looking young man appeared.

*Ding! Please name the assistant.

If not for the notification that said the word Android, Mark would have thought he's a real person.

He was indeed surprised by the system's generosity.

Upon remembering his younger brother, Mark named his assistant. "Allen Spencer."

As soon as his naming was completed, the Android came to life and greeted him with a bow, "Greetings, Master."

"I gave you the name of my sibling. So, you can address me as Big brother or Big bro, from now onwards."

"As you wish, Big Brother." The Android saluted him.

Mark inspected him as he did with the staff, earlier. The details appeared.

Name: Allen Spencer

Spirit Path: Fighter

Rank: Four-circle (Intermediate)



Laser Eyes: Shoot laser from his eyes and cause heavy damage to the opponent.

Incineration: Shoot powerful blasts of fire from his palms.

Lightning fist: Punch the enemies and paralyzes them with an electrical shock.


Battle Craze: Able to fight nonstop while absorbing solar energy.

"Hmm, the system indeed sent a useful one to protect me. However, his rank is too low."

*Ding! Please earn credits to upgrade its strength.

As if it read his thoughts, the system immediately sent him a reminder.

*Ahem* Clearing his throat, he changed the topic. "System, open Gallery."

A holographic screen appeared before him that was full of hundreds of images being grayed out.

It was something he saw before. So, he didn't pay attention to them and clicked on one of the images that looked like it was available. The details appeared.

9 mm Bullet

Grade: N/A

Price: 20 silver coins.

"20 silver coins per bullet. So expensive. If even the price of a bullet is this high, I wonder about the price of the pistol."

Mark proceeds to click on the second available image.

Single-shot pistol

Grade: N/A

Effect: A pistol with a single round of ammunition. Must be reloaded after each shot. Capable of inflicting heavy damage on a mortal. Damage decreases as the strength of spirit-warriors increases.

Range: 10 meters

Price: 5 gold coins

"I should sell this one for 5 gold coins? System, isn't the price too high? It's an ungraded item and needed to be filled with bullets every time." Mark can't help but complain.

Even for the people living in a city, 5 gold coins are enough for a common man to eat his fill, three times a day for at least three months. With five gold coins, people can afford to rent a house with three rooms for one month.

With 5 gold coins, one can even buy ten ungraded weapons from other cheaper stores.

So, he wondered whether people would even care to buy them…

In response to his complaint, the system sent him another reminder

*Ding! The rarer the object is, the more valuable it is. The prices set by the system are always fair.

"Well, can't do anything about it if the system is adamant on its decision. After buying this store, I'm still left with 300 gold coins. I can at least live for two years without any problems. So, there's enough time to sell the weapons."

He then opened the quest list to see the new quest.

Main Quest: Sell your first weapon provided by the system (In progress)

Reward: Dismantling skill.

"Dismantling skill? What is it?" Mark asked the system.

*Ding! You can select any object that you own and select dismantle. The object will be converted into credits according to its quality.

"Oh! That's useful…" Mark immediately eyed the weapons displayed on the wall.

He then opened the gallery once again and clicked on the pistol.


A sole option appeared before him. He clicked on it.

*Please select the number*

Since he only needed to sell one to complete the main quest, he selected only 1.

*Ding! Single-shot pistol has been created. Please check your inventory.

Mark opened the inventory. There, he saw a pistol image. He took it out and looked at it carefully. His eyes lit up, "This feels nice in hands."

Just as he was about to close the inventory, Mark's eyes captured an empty board in the inventory. "Ah! That's right. I almost forgot about the signboard."

He clicked on it.

*Ding! Would you change the name of the store or keep it.

"Of course, I will change it"

*Ding! Please name your store.


He named the weapon store with the same name as his code name from the past life.

A signboard with a name appeared on the floor as his hands are full.

"Okay, we are all set. Now, it's time to open the store."

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