202 If Senior Brother Su Chen Was Here

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"Get lost!"

Mu Qingxue shouted softly and swept out her sword extremely fast.


An ear-piercing sonic boom rang out. Before anyone could react, the woman had already been sent flying.

The Great Mystery Holy Land was no longer comparable to the Illusionary Cloud Sect.

Although the woman was a core disciple like Mu Qingxue, there was a huge gap between their strengths.

"So strong!"

A cry of surprise rang out.

There were many leaders from small clans among the crowd who came to the Illusionary Cloud Sect.

Although these people's strength was not strong, they still had some vision.

The core disciple of the Illusionary Cloud Sect was also at the Spirit Sea Realm.

However, Mu Qingxue defeated her in one move.

Apart from Mu Qingxue's unexpected actions, this also indirectly proved Mu Qingxue's power to a certain extent.

"I remember now!"


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