216 Holy Son Jiang Chen

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The Dashang Emperor had many children. As a result, Dashang had many princes. 

The person before him was ranked around 150th among the princes and princesses of Dashang. He belonged to the lower-ranked princes. His age happened to be similar to the many prodigies around him, and the difference in strength was not big.

It was reasonable for Dashang to send him here.


The young man behind him looked unfamiliar. Not only the Heavenly Heart Holy Son, but everyone else was also confused.

"Holy Son, this person is the illegitimate son of Dashang's Duke of the Valiant. His name is Yang Kai and had always been a Confucian cultivator. But for some reason, he suddenly had an epiphany not long ago and passed the Nirvana Tribulation. It is said that he passed the eighth Nirvana Tribulation. The Dashang Empire hereby bestows upon him the title of Marquis Wen." 

A white-haired elder explained behind the Heavenly Heart Holy Son.



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