1 Origins

Have you ever wondered if certain things were real? Like unicorns, dragons, griffins, or mermaids? What if I told you they all existed, in a land called Zyfindia. In this land almost everything is possible, and in this world, tragedy struck! There was once peace between all races and creatures.

Amongst these people there was an ingenious mastermind named Khanam. He wished to rule the land with fear, unlike the current ruler.

He began to bribe and blackmail the different citizens to start chaos amongst the land.

War soon raged, and everyone became divided. After placing all the rulers under a powerful spell, he executed his plan and began ruling over them with fear.

Although he controlled most of the kingdom's -only a few cities did not fall. They became the rebellion, hiding in various places among the land. Waiting for the day their kings and queen would rise up again.

Arlen was once the ruler of the great kingdom before he was put under the spell. While Arlen was sleeping, a vision of 5 heroes rising to defeat Khanam was shown to him. A priestess of magic, Seiko, had come to help free the fallen rulers. After freeing the King of Deir, the Queen of Tatire, and the King of Amitola, King Arlen was the last piece of the puzzle.

A glowing gold portal opened into Arlens chambers, As the priestess stepped out. Seiko began preparing for the spell, she drew a magic circle around his form and began to chant the releasing spell. While chanting, other voices of past priests had joined in aiding Seiko.

But the incantation did not work. She was sent flying into a nearby wall in an attempt to break the spell. Hearing the whispers of the past they told her what spell the warlord used.

The breaking spell required was far more powerful. It requires the kiss of a pure-blooded priestess. Knowing what was at stake, she attempted the spell once more. After Seiko finished her incantation, she knelt and kissed Arlen's lips. Light began to surround the couple as Arlen's eyes shot open to see the priestess pull away from the kiss. Seiko started to hear the sounds of guards and footsteps rapidly approaching the room. Knowing what danger they were in Seiko stood a dazed Arlen up and began to dash into the portal.

After getting into the base, Arlen called a meeting to talk about his visions. But after careful thought, Arlen and the other rulers decided to rise up with the remains of their armies and the rebellion. They could never know when these warriors would come or even if they existed.

After countless battles, they were able to defeat Khanum. With Arlen and Seiko's magic, they banished him to the shadow realm.

With the war over, Arlen took back the throne and began to rebuild the once broken land. Not long after he and Seiko had married to join kingdoms. To further unite Zyfindia together.

Many years later they became parents to three children. Two daughters and a son. Arlen and Seiko swore their lives that they would protect them no matter the cost.

Until the fateful day of his oldest daughter's coronation that chaos had once again risen.

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