135 Deal with Dexter Antolov part 1

*Ding. Your account has been credited with 3,600,000,000 Credits (360 million WD).

"It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mr.Shen Yating," Wil disconnected the call and then, wrote a letter and stamp it with the seal while sitting in his office at Deloris town before sending his assistant to the prison to release the captured elites of Dreamwalkers.

"Hmm, it looks like he indeed can afford to pay such an amount, although I wonder why he didn't choose the second option. Anyway, it doesn't matter. White Tiger is almost finished by now…"

Wil then clicked on Shadow Blade in his Friends list and send a message.

Time Traveler: Aster, how things are going with Heibei Corp?

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