War on the brink of outburst, yet lose ends not yet tied up. Book

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War on the brink of outburst, yet lose ends not yet tied up.


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This is a short story about America and Russia with the continued cold war well into the 2000s. Tensions are rising as International incident after international incident bring earth closer to nuclear Armageddon. we follow a old officer on his final year on service before retiring. Yet fate has other plans for him. After finding out that fantasy is no longer fiction but reality, key events which at first thought to be a coincidence, slowly become connected as this officer continues to delve deep into this new frontier of knowledge about fantasy itself. will this man choose to commit to finding the truth of the matter? Or will he buckle, and simply live out the rest of his life knowing that the art of lying, is changing right under the noses of everyone. (For context just in case you can't follow the story right, this is based off of a Dungeons & dragons campaign that I ran with my friends. so I apologize if this isn't enjoyable for you. But I'll try still to at least make it enjoyable for everyone regardless.)


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