1 prologue, a breakthrough at last.

We begin with a man, he is well onto his retirement. His eyes are that of an owl, mid 50's, and is wearing a well worn officer uniform. He sits on a desk, writing a report that happened yesterday, set in his personal office.

A another man comes bursting into the room. "James, you could of just opened the door like a normal person." "Sorry sir winter! But this is urgent of the highest quality sir!"

James, like winter, is wearing a officer uniform like him, but more well kept and newer then winter's. In his late 20's and a bit timid looking as well.

Winter gently puts down his pen and sighs, "alright, I'll forgive you for bursting through my door, speak your mind lieutenant." James hastily rights himself up, "em, right sir, this came from command itself sir! It's about project castle sir." Without a moment's notice, winter gets up from his desk and gives James a cold stare and states, "bring me to them. Now James." "Right sir!" James awkwardly takes a few steps back before heading to the hallway, opening the door for winter as he walks out the room.

After a while of going through hallways, elevators and stairs, half an hour later they reach the project castle wing. Opening the door reveals a scientist immersed in his work, he looks to be in his early 30's, he wore glasses and had bags under his eyes. "Franklin." Winter called out to him, he turned around in response saying, "Ah, winter, your just in time! Come, come, I've got something special to show you." And with that, the 2 men followed Franklin to a room, the room had only a table tucked to the wall opposite from the door, on the table laid some report clipboards and some pens. Above the table was a huge sheet of black glass, covering the majority of the wall.

Franklin walked towards the glass and put his hand on it, "Winter, for years you and the others have been waiting patiently for a breakthrough. Well, come up, and see the fruits of our labor." Winter looked back at James, who was completely clueless to what is happening. "Stand guard outside lieutenant, this is classified." "Roger sir!" He closed the door leaving just Franklin and winter in the room. The officer approached with caution up towards the black window, as soon as he got up to the glass, the shade lighten to be transparent.

In the room now was a beautiful woman with white hair sitting at the table in the center of the room. She wore a dress from the Victorian era with a flower pattern, her eyes was a pure white. It felt like my field of view was slowly tunneling the more I looked into her eyes. I had to blink and look away to bring myself back from staring. "Beautiful isn't it?" "Is this the breakthrough you talked about just now? I got to sa-" "look at her ears winter." That caught winter off guard. Confused, he looked back towards the woman, this time, more focused at her ears. When he realized the contradiction, he couldn't help but open his mouth in pure awe. She had long, pointy ears. "I'll make the discovery for you winter, she is a elf. A being thought only to live in fiction and fantasy of our imagination. Yet that woman defies all of our understanding of reality." "Franklin, is this..." "Yes, Project castle is a success."

The 2 men spent the next 5 minutes just in Silence. Franklin, realizing all kinds of possibilities with this discovery. Winter, who is both fascinated and concerned with what the aftermath will bring. Franklin broke the silence, "well, would you be the honours of being the first to interview such a rarity?" "Sure, I need time to organize my thoughts anyway." And with that, winter left the room to head into the interview room, leaving Franklin alone. "Shoot, I forgot to give him the question clipboard. Ah well, it is winter, he'll be fine."

[ Changing POV to winter. ]

I opened the door and was greeted with the sight of the elf once again. Her eyes was fixed to me immediately, I slowly walked towards the chair I will be sitting opposite her. I sat down and begun.

"So, First off the agenda I like to know if you can even understand me, it wouldn't be ideal for this interview if we have a language barrier."

She spoke with a icey tone, "I do speak your language, will that suffice for your first question?"

"Yes, it will do. What is your name?"

"Pura Purgatas."

"And what is your occupation?"

"Witch, why ask such useless questions? Isn't my appeal more then enough? And what's with your funny clothes?"

I slightly lowered my own gaze towards her, not enough to lose eyesight, but enough to darken my eyes from the viewpoint of the elf. Her breathing become a tiny bit more heard. "I don't think you know where you at, more or less know who you are speaking to. So if you want to get through this faster, then you will answer what I want to know." I inched to my sidearm and placed it on the desk Infront of me, yet I did not let go of my grip on the trigger, pointed directly towards her gut. " Do I make myself clear?"

"Your little metal toy does not intimidate me whatsoever! The fact that you even dare to imprison me in this dungeon is in violation of the-"


Her eyes widen in pained surprise when the bullet entered through her gut and out from her back. "I suggest you put your hand over the wound, less you want to bleed to death on the concrete floor." She did what was told to her, hand over the wound. From a face of arrogant impatience to fear of the unknown in such short succession, despite my old age, realization from the victim never gets old. "Now, do as your told, and I won't execute you and bring another one of your kind here. You think just because you have some fancy dress and magic that it exclude you from the common folk? It doesn't. Trust me, I've executed the rich of the rich for not doing the simple task of answering my questions. Now, will you be useful? Or will you just be like the rest I laid down against their will?

She nodded in agreement.

[ Changing POV to third person. ]

After a hour or so of talking, Winter called for medical personnel to aid Pura from her gut shot. From what was gathered in the interview, she is a star elf, a sub-race of elf. Her public name is the white witch, supposed to be a very powerful magic user. The continent she is from is called Pandora, a landmass that has more species that call it their home, with humans as well. Yet they speak a different language compared to our English. For human they call it common talk.

With the interview ended, winter entered the viewing room to see Franklin hunched over the table writing down what was spoken on his documents. "You own me a favour now." "Yes, yes, I'll get you your favoured alcohol bottle from Japan, now shut it." The old officer was taken aback by the scientists backhanded response to him.

"Anyway, where is everyone?"

"They are out for lunch."

"And you?"

"Was waiting for you so we could talk over dinner."

End of prologue.

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