Wannabe Villain get Isekai-ed Book

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Wannabe Villain get Isekai-ed


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author note(important): I DID A MASSIVE CHAPTERS REVISING, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT Anyways, sorry if this novel looked a bit amateurish, it's my first novel after all, so please forgive me on that part. Aaa~nd! peace out!! The story: Yoro was once a normal highschooler....Well, it was until this novel started. Without any sign at all, his father was suddenly leaving the house with massive debts on his track, turning the family's condition 180 degrees. His mother fell sick out of stress and finally did suicide after she could not hold it anymore. After that, his girlfriend stopped contacting him, his friends were all gone, and he did not have a choice but to leave the school, for the time itself was even racing against him. Well, why don't I just save one's life and die with it? There was no hope left after all.... But then a strange person came, telling him that he would be transmigrated onto an isekai! Well sure, why not? And after some hideous deal going on between them, he successfully transmitted in a whole new world as a human. But more importantly, in one piece no less! So he was trying to live a normal life this time, life on without being burdened with anything like the old one. But without him knowing, an interracial war was actually brewing behind his back!  And with his newly acquired status, he was a wild factor that each of the party had to get rid of from the board called the face of the world! He must be sent away from the war as far as possible! But to everyone's surprise, he actually came back alive out of that death hole! And with a newly founded power on top of that! Well, fuck! Now, what would his response be when he saw his home was already flat with the earth!? Follow his journey as the heir of white itself!


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