631 Observing The City

Having learned quite a few things from the waiter, Lin Mu was given a lot to think about. The more he did, the more he felt like things were not right here. He gazed out of the gallery and saw the hustle and bustle of the port below.

'This place is way too prosperous for the cheap prices that they have.' Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu could easily list over ten different sources of income that the city had and despite that, the people didn't seem to be that rich. Even this tea shop, which was supposed to be for the richer people, wasn't particularly expensive.

Even in Wu Lim city, Lin Mu had seen places more expensive than this. He was not feeling even more sure that there was something wrong with this place. The waiter took his leave after Lin Mu dismissed him and was tipped a few more silvers.


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