Walker Of The Blue Sky

Author: RazaKarim
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What is Walker Of The Blue Sky

Read Walker Of The Blue Sky novel written by the author RazaKarim on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, system, mystery, cultivation, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world called Infinite Soul Star, there is an extraordinary group that controls all kinds of incredible powers by mastering their Soul Force. They are called Soul Masters. Soul Masters awaken their Soul Mark which is essential to walk the path of Soul Cultivation, but they still need the Soul Orb to help them awaken. Emrys crossed over and carried a strange multicolored orb that could strengthen the Soul Orbs. The multicolored orb was simply too mysterious. It can not only strengthen the Soul Orbs and increase their quality, but it can also bring many benefits to Emrys in several ways that he could have never imagined. The Multicolored Orb also provided Emrys a SYSTEM which can help him understand the functions of the Multicolored Orb in an easy way. It changed his life completely. Not only did it grant Emrys the ability to level up the Soul Orbs to the Mythical level that no one in the world knew about, but it also provided him the "Soul Mark" that gave him the ability to manipulate space itself. But this Multicolored Orb seems to be more mysterious than Emrys originally thought. There was much more to it than just a SYSTEM and a few abilities. This Multicolored Orb was an inheritance item of a Supreme Being, one who had surpassed the constraints of a reality known as "Cultivation". In the universe, every creature engages in a relentless struggle, fighting, killing, betraying, and enduring countless hardships to advance along the path of cultivation. Yet, this Supreme Being had transcended beyond this reality. How? Let's walk on this journey together with Emrys to know the answer. At the same time, we can see how he becomes the Walker of Blue Sky. ______________________________ Readers might find grammatical errors so please ignore them and enjoy the story. The cover is not mine, all credit goes to the original creator.

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Ling Xiaolong's journey had been extremely wonderful. The ending was a masterpiece because he became a truly god. The beginning of this novel is also wonderful and I am confident that it will be a first-class novel. I wish this novel to become very successful and is due to you andrrichde writer and your books well worth fame


bro I have read your all novel and they are best and please continue to write bro I luv your novel totally they are totally worth reading 👍👍👍👍🫶⭐⭐⭐⭐


So this is a continuation of the King of chaos.I am looking forward to see how well this story will play out and whether the new mc 'Enry' will become as strong or even stronger than ling xiaolong


No more words to say just that it's the continuation of king of chaos. The ending of king of chaos is best and now I want to know what type/character will the orb chooses to become his disciple. Weather his student surpasses king of chaos or will he reach his lvl. I wish more chapter to be updated on daily bases.


Honestly, this is absolutely amazing!!!! 🤩


It has been quite a journey form Divine god against heaven to king of chaos...


After a long time, I finally found a good novel. The protagonist is not a fool but a smart young man, this is what I liked the most about the main character. Otherwise, a lot of novels nowadays introduce us with so-called intelligent protagonists when in reality, they are dumb and stupid. The novel is only at its starting point, but it has already started showing how deep it can be and how much potential this novel truly has. LOVED IT 💕.


Truly a masterpiece. It is written very well and the story building is also very good. The soul cultivation of this novel is unique, but not that much (i think). I've read all the chapters updated till this date, and I must say, I loved it. I don't know about others, but for me, it's definitely a must read.


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