Wait For Me: Twin Towers Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Wait For Me: Twin Towers


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Sworn twin sisters, under a very poor adoption house pinky promise to raise to the top of society and prove their worth and value to the parents that they never got to meet. Taking and creating chances to showcase their talents and lights. Late at night, they would stay up studying for exams that were coming in a year. The dedication of these two was admirable! Those who knew these girls would honestly say that the only thing that separated them was that one loved fast solutions to problems and the other thought things out thoroughly. These distinctive traits were the reasons that Hoyeon was framed for murder. She was offered an opportunity to appear on television as a representative from their small district and promised a sum of money if she agreed. Her hasty and impatient nature tripped her into the trap of those above her. Carefully they planned out the perfect way to throw the evil deed of their own onto her. She was but a lonely orphan who could easily be written off as a grudge-filled person. For the first time in ages, Hoyeon broke down in front of her younger twin. Her image was too shameful! With sincere eyes, Soyeon promised to unveil the truth to the world. All that Hoyeon had to do was... Wait.


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