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Villainess Raeliana (a fanfic)


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Originally, Raeliana was a minor character that had lead the return of heroine of the novel. She came from a noble family and was about to wed her money grubbing fiance. Unfortunately, the story takes a twist and made Raeliana as the main villain of the story. Instead of Vivian Shamall, Raeliana Mcmillan was born to bring a wreck upon the blossoming relationship of Noah Wynknight, the duke and male lead, and Beatrice, the female lead. Reincarnated as the novel's villain, Raeliana chose to change her twisted fate. She will do everything not to be involved to any characters from the novel, as the old Raeliana was replaced with the soul of a student from Korea, Park Eun ha. She had read the novel and bound to unravel the untold mysteries. She came to understand that she must be cautious of her new world and should follow the nature and its rules. But how if Raeliana was bound to be with the male lead? Can she still stick to her objective? 1 chap/day (unless something urgent came) — I do not own the novel. This is only a fanfiction. Any similarity to real people, events, organization are not intended by the author. — All credit goes to D&C media and the author of the manhwa/novel (The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion)